7 Ways to Save Money When You Buy an Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring always tends to have different kinds of setting, numerous stone shapes, and many kinds of designs to choose from. Getting an engagement ring is always expensive buying as they are always a big investment. However, buying an engagement ring is one of your biggest purchases which is why you have to make the right purchase.

How to Save A Money on the Engagement Ring?

Buying an engagement ring is a big task, and saving money for purchasing an engagement ring is not easy while always some sacrifices are done by every individual when they come to purchase a ring. There are a few strategies to save money when purchasing an engagement ring without sacrificing the jewelry’s quality or beauty. You may design the engagement ring of your
desires without going over budget if you shop wisely.

One can also save money by selecting the Diamond alternative stones like Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamonds. Lab Grown Diamonds are one the most environmental-friendly and ethical stones while Moissanites referred to as a diamond simulant, are planned to give the illusion of similarity to diamonds. They are formed from naturally occurring silicon carbide and its various crystalline polymorphs.

Both stones are one of the most appropriate alternative stones of diamonds which are budget- friendly too. Mohs scale scores range from 9.25 for moissanite gemstones to 10 for lab-grown diamonds. Each stone is suitable in engagement rings for everyday wear and fine jewelry because both ratings are excellent.

You can make sure you’re spending your money wisely and eventually getting the most bling for your buck by selecting the appropriate setting and understanding exactly what to look for in diamond color. Here we are showing you some of the ways that will help you in saving your money and you will get the perfect yet dreamy engagement ring in your Budget!  

  • Set Your Limit
    Before buying an engagement ring first step you need to do is create a clear and strict budget, this will definitely make your purchase easy. It will also help you to get glamorous designs, which might provoke you to spend an enormous part of your life’s savings on a single piece. 
  • Cut down the 4c to 2c 
    Among the 4c’s of diamond stick to the cut, as the cut plays a huge role while being placed in an engagement ring. If you want to minimize costs, compromise on color and clarity rather than cutting corners with the cut. In other terms of value, diamonds with a little lower colors (G-J) and clarity grade (SI1-SI2) are the most suitable options. They might be half as costly as a result with great color and clarity.
  • Size of the Stone

Everyone always thing that the bigger the diamond the more beautiful looks it would provide. According to Gemone Diamond being flexible while selecting the size of the stone, however, suggests a slightly different strategy. “Look for an undersize diamond—one that’s slightly below one of the standard weights (1.0 carats, 1.5 carats, etc),” advises the expert. These diamonds are extremely comparable to standard-weight counterparts in terms of appearance and cost a lot less.

  • Go For a Different Diamond Shape

The shape of the diamond is something that matters a lot when selecting an engagement ring, round-cut diamonds are one of the most popular cuts but also they are one of the most expensive cuts as they require a lot of cutting process. You can enhance the size of your stone for the same price by considering alternate, less common shapes. Compare an oval form to a round one to see how much more stone you may get for your money.

  • Choose 14k or 18k over a platinum 
    Platinum is much more costly, without peeking any different than white gold. Although similar in price per gram, more platinum is needed to make a ring because it’s more viscous. So, instead of spending your money on a specific type of metal, select gold, as it’s less costly but always looks stunning. 
  • Opt for Halos for a larger appearance

Halo setting also makes your stone look larger, the halo remains one of the highly sought-aftersettings, second only alternative to the classic solitaire setting engagement ring. One of the most significant causes behind its favor is that the smaller round paves optically widen the focal solitaire, creating the ring look rich. 

  • Avoid Three-Stone Rings
    Three-stone rings are beautiful as well as popular, but they come at an expensive cost. Side stones come in unique shapes, like trapezoids or half-moons. Diamonds in these shapes can really push-up the cost of a ring, so it’s best to sidestep this design altogether to stay on budget.
  • Skip Brands 
    Ring brand names cost more than their less well-known rivals, just as it is with clothing. The good news is that the bag in her hand might count more than the brand names on her finger.

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