Nail Polishes under Rs 100

5 Nail Polishes under Rs 100!

Nail Polishes under Rs 100

There are all kinds of nail polishes available on the market these days, some of them are priced as high 2000 bucks while some others can be bought for just 15 bucks. The later ones, of course, being the non-branded ones. Today I’ll be sharing 5 nail polishes that can be purchased online under INR 100. All these polishes are from known brands and come in a number of color options.

Let’s get started:

1. Elle 18 Nail Pops (BUY HERE)

Elle 18 is an old brand and one of the most affordable brands too. Their nail polishes come in a huge variety of shades packed in a tiny little bottle. Though the quantity of product seems less as compared to other brands and the packaging is also not very fancy, but you can’t expect much from a product that is priced at just Rs 50.

Nail Polishes under Rs 100

2. Gala Of London (BUY HERE)

Another brand which retails their nail polish for an affordable price range is Gala of London. I personally have never tried any color from their huge variety of polishes but the products look decently good. Gala of London nail polishes retails for Rs 55 and is available in the local market as well as online.

Nail Polishes under Rs 100

3. Lakme True Wear Nail Color (BUY HERE)

Lakme is a big brand and it has nail polishes in all different ranges. Some of the colors from Lakme True Wear Nail collection retails for Rs 100 while some other which retails for more than Rs 100 can usually be found on discount on some of the other websites. It is a brand which is available almost everywhere, in every cosmetic shop and every website. It is the easiest to gets your hands on.

Nail Polishes under Rs 100

4. Disney Frozen Nail Polish (BUY HERE)

Nykaa recently had these super cute looking nail polishes called the Disney Frozen Nail Polish. The polishes retail for Rs 100 but can be bought at discount for Rs 80. The collection has more than 25 shades which are available in a 6 ml bottle.

5. Faces Splash Nail Enamel (BUY HERE)

Another gem from a reputed cosmetic brand is Faces Splash Nail Enamel. Again they retail for INR 109, which is slightly more than the 100 bucks mark, but they can easily be found on discount on some or the other website. One of our writers has tried and reviewed 3 shades from the collection and she absolutely loves the formula.Nail Polishes under Rs 100

Have you tried all 5 of the brands? Which one did you like the most?

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