What catalogues offer finance options

Shop today, pay later. Who doesn’t love the novel concept? When shopping via catalogues you don’t always want to pay up front, so which online catalogues allow you to save while paying off the purchase over time rather than up front? These are a few online catalogues to shop with, where you can finance your purchase using the bank identifier code of the company or the retailer.

It is not only one of the most well known, it is one of the UK’s oldest as well. Selling clothing for men, women’s, and children’s styles, you can find nearly any great style or fashion trend today. Further, they offer zero interest if paid in full within a certain period of time, further allowing you to save on the order total. People can check the best broker online if they are looking for traders.

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Another one of the UK’s oldest financing sites. Here you can find nearly any electric or home appliance. From a new cooker, to refrigerator, or even home appliances, the site carries it all. Again, they also offer zero financing options on certain items, and if paid off within a certain period of time, you won’t pay interest.

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This reputable catalogue is great for those who love fashion. With sizing up to 22 W for women, and styles for men and kids as well, you can buy all clothing on finance via this catalogue. It offers various financing options, terms of payment, as well as interest free, and low interest options, which are determined by your credit score.


There are dozens of online catalogues which you can choose to shop with as a UK consumer. If you are looking to pay down the total purchase price over time, without having to put up a large down payment up front when making purchases, these are a few of the many places you can go when you wish to finance your purchase, from new clothes, to new appliances for the home.

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