Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeshadow Gun Metal

Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Eyeshadow Gun Metal, Review

It has been a while since I shared the swatches of all the 4 shades of Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Eyeshadows. Since then I have tried all the shades and today I will be sharing my experience with ‘Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeshadow Gun Metal’. The color is quite similar to that of this 300 blackout ammo. Before starting the review I must admit that I loved trying these liquid eyeshadows but unfortunately not all the 4 colores performed equally for me. Now let’s start the review!

Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeshadow Gun Metal

Price: INR 499 for 3.5 ml of the product (Buy on Nykaa)

Product Description:

Like a curve-hugging catsuit for your eyes, this liquid eyeshadow sweeps onto your lids for high-impact color that lasts at least nine lives. All eyes will be on you with this shimmery liquid’s multi-dimensional effect that hugs every contour of your eye and dries down matte for long-lasting wear.

Features :

  • Highly Pigmented Formula.
  • Crease-resistant, long-lasting wear.
  • Glittery finish that amps up any eye makeup look

No list of ingredient is mentioned on the tube, but the brand’s official website mentions the list of ingredients.


These liquid eyeshadows come packed in a transparent cylindrical tube with a black screw-on lid. The applicator is a flat doe foot applicator which is attached to the lid. As this particular shade, Gun Metal contains shimmer particles, the applicator also looks way too shimmery. The packaging is overall sturdy and safe to travel with.

My Experience with Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeshadow Gun Metal:

The shade Gunmetal is a charcoal gray colored liquid eyeshadow with loads of silver-colored shimmer particles. The shimmer particles are chunky enough to be clearly visible both in the tube as well as on the eyes. Though the particles are chunky, they do not feel heavy on the eyes nor do they irritate the eyes.

Unfortunately, the shade Gun Metal is one of the shades that didn’t work too well for me. The color indeed is beautiful but it is not pigmented enough to be used on its own. The color can work decently well as an eyeshadow topper for dark looks but on its own, it does not look good even with a couple of layers. As this is a darker shade, the creases it gives on the lids are prominently visible which makes the eyeshadow look shabby. The formula takes way too long to dry and if you dare to open your eyes before the formula is completely dry, the liquid shadow creases.

Also, the color is super difficult to blend. Whenever I have tried blending the shadow it always loses its pigmentation and all that remains on the lid are the glitter particles. If you decide to use the shadow as an eyeshadow topper, it can stay decently well up to 3-4 hours giving a beautiful grey silver sheen to the eyes. But, on its own, it gets difficult for the formula to survive well for even 2 hours.

Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeshadow Gun Metal
Overall Verdict:

Overall for me, this particular shade, “Gun Metal’ was a complete fail. The shade is beautiful and I really love the way it looks when swatched on the back of the hand. But, it does not perform the same on the lids. For me, this shade is a complete no and I would not recommend buying this (even on a discount)

Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeshadow Gun Metal
Pros of Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeshadow Gun Metal:
  • The glitter particles make the color look good as an eyeshadow topper
  • The product is cruelty-free
  • Affordable, especially if you can grab this on a discount
  • The packaging is travel-friendly
  • The flat applicator makes it easy to apply the color
  • The formula does not feel heavy on the lids
Cons of Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeshadow Gun Metal:
  • The color is not so pigmented
  • It loses its pigmentation as soon as you decide to blend it
  • The formula takes too much time to dry
  • Creases on the lids
  • Do not stay on the lids or long
  • Not so easy to remove (leaves glitter all over the face)

Rating: 2/5

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