Vega Buffer Brush PB-17: Review

Hey Girls,

Today I will be reviewing a buffer brush from Vega. I have a decent amount of makeup collection but the thing I lack are good makeup brushes. I used to apply my foundation with my fingers, then I started using sponges but I really wanted to use a brush for my foundation. I have seen many people using a stippling brush to apply foundation and when I saw this brush online, I instantly ordered it without even thinking that it may not be used for the purpose I wanted. I was right, I am not able to use the brush for applying foundation, but I actually don’t regret buying it as I use it for some other purpose.

Price: I purchased the brush for Rs 450 but now the price have been raised to Rs 550.



The brush comes in a clear plastic packaging which is easy to open and close and hence can be used to store the brush to avoid it from getting dirty (sorry for not taking the pictures of the packaging as I was unable to find it, I may have lost it)


What company claims?

Who won’t like to have flawless beauty on their face? The Vega Professional Buffer Brush PB17 is specially created to help in perfectly blending powder onto the skin, thereby giving an immaculate polished finish.

The Vega Professional Buffer Brush PB17 is a full circular brush which is perfect for application and blending of face powder. This brush is specially used to create soft layers or to add textures onto the skin.


Features and Benefits:

  • This professional brush is useful on pigments
  • Blends powder perfectly onto the skin and makes it look flawless
  • Presents immaculate polished finish


My take on the product:

Vega buffer brushes are available in two numbers PB-17 and PB-11. PB-11 has a larger dome size than PB-17 and is little costly. PB-17 is a long brush with a black long handle with a silver top. The bristles are dual colored. They are black at the bottom and creamish white on the top. I ordered it in order to use it for my foundation but when I tried applying foundation with it, some of the bristles shredded and due to the small dome size I was unable to apply foundation with ease. After washing it, next time I tried to use to for a powder blush and it worked. From that day onwards I use it for applying blush (this is the reason the bristles appear pink in the pictures, sorry for not washing the brush before taking the pictures).


The best part about this brush is the softness of the bristles. They are as soft as our skin and so do not cause any irritation while applying. I have also used it for applying powder near my nose section sometimes, when my t-zone becomes oily. The long handle makes it easy to use but at the same time it makes it difficult to carry in a bag. I do not find the brush travel friendly and would love to get something smaller for travelling.



  • Bristles are very soft
  • Vega is a well known brand and is easily available
  • The brush is easy to wash
  • Easy to use due to long handle


  • The brush is little too big to carry
  • It is a flat top brush but the dome is small in size which made it unsuitable for me to apply foundation
  • A little pricy, but if compared with brushes from other brands, it seems affordable
  • Bristle shred while using it.

Would I buy this product again?

I will not buy it again and I am really not sure that whether I should get PB-11 or not. I may go with a stippling brush from MAC or Inglot or any other brand.

Do I recommend this?

I would not recommend this if you are looking for something to apply foundation, but otherwise if you find a way to use it, it is very soft to use.

Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂

14 thoughts on “Vega Buffer Brush PB-17: Review”

  1. thanks ma’am…yes it is nice brush but not at all suitable for applying foundation….but it works great for applying blush and thats what i use this for 🙂

    1. True, I had great expectations from this but firstly it didn’t work for the foundation secondly the bristles 🙁 But thankfully I am able to use it for my blushes, otherwise it would have been a waste of money …

    1. Thanks Sindhura….this did not work for me but few days back I ordered a brush set from Amazon and luckily one of the brushes is working for me 🙂

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