Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream

Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream: Review

Envisage how straining it is for feet to undergo the grist every day sans any pampering or nourishment. Our face, neck, hands, and legs receive their fair share of attention and pampering courtesy a number of products crafted for them while our poor feet- perhaps, the most used (or abused) parts of our body are turned a blind eye. Quite naturally, they present an eyesore picture when it comes to our overall appearance.

Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream

A heel cream helps to lubricate, soften and beautify dry, cracked, peeling heels. It helps to smooth and soften irritated heel skin. They penetrate deep into heel skin to repair roughness and flaking, leaving the skin feeling soft & smooth. Smearing the same onto one’s heels bears a hand in eliminating cracks, healing fissures and moisturize dry as well as hard heels.

Using one as a part of one’s foot care regimen not only leaves one with beauteous, soft and moisturized feet but also helps one bid farewell to cracked heels that inflict excruciating pain over time and may engender corns/calluses in future; the occurrence of which makes one’s feet look unprepossessing. To allay cracks, Vaseline launched Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream. Let us head over to its review sans further ado.

Price: 45/- INR for 20 g (BUY HERE)

Directions for Use: Massage a generous dollop on your heels. Apply as often as desired.


Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Smell: Pleasant and mild

Colour: White

Claims: Instant relief. Results visible in 7 days.

My Experience with Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream:

Packed in a simple plastic tube with a cap at its end, the packaging of Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream is simple, no-nonsense, spillage-free and easy to cart while commuting. On the whole, it fares well in terms of packaging.

It has a creamy texture without any oiliness/greasiness. The aroma is very mild and pleasant which does not irk sensitive noses. I massaged a generous dollop of it on my cleansed feet, particularly the heels every night for a week and post that period, I noted that it soften my heels (which aren’t callused but hardened for I admittedly, devote hardly any attention to them).

Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream

My mother has also used it for a week religiously and she has somewhat callused heels but for her, results weren’t noticeable in a week. This led me to conclude that this cream works well for dry and cracked heels but not for severely cracked ones within a week.

To me, besides this, the fly in the ointment is the fact that it comes packed with a number of chemicals such as- mineral oil, paraffin wax, DMDM hydantion and so on and so forth. Of course, if one uses it for long, then the results would be anything but praiseworthy as we would be pumping chemicals in the name of nourishment. So, use it in the short run to put an end to your cracked heels for a month and then, switch over to rubbing your heels while bathing to pamper them sans chemicals.

Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream

In a nutshell, Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel cream works to soften heels within a week, however, do not embark on the path to a fool’s paradise. If you have highly cracked heels, regular use is imperative to elicit results. The 7 day claim to show results does not hold for severely cracked heels.

Pros of Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream:
  1. Heels cracked heels but not severely cracked ones within 7 days
  2. Easily available
  3. Price is economical
  4. Fragrance is mild and does not irk sensitive noses
Cons of Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream:
  1. Contains too many chemicals such as- mineral oil, paraffin wax, PEG, EDTA, Perfume (under the grab of which a number of chemicals are added) and DMDM Hydantion.
  2. Unsuitable for long-term use because of its noxious composition
  3. For severely cracked heels, results aren’t noticeable within 7 days


Vaseline Moisture Therapy Heel Cream

Rating: 1/5

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