Tips for Visiting New Jersey and New York

Visiting New York and New Jersey can be an overwhelming task. Both states are rich in history and culture, and with a limited stay, it can be hard to hit the top locations if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some tips to make sure you have a smooth experience exploring these two states.

Don’t Bring Your Car

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Bringing your car into the city is remarkably expensive and time-consuming. Traveling 10 miles in a car can take 30 minutes, which will drain your gas and patience. Parking can cost $7 or more an hour, which stacks up when you’re out having a blast. Your car isn’t something you want to worry about. So how do you get around New Jersey and New York City?

Get a Metro Pass

Three dollars to ride the Metro doesn’t seem like much the first few times, but after a while, these will build up, and before you know it, you’ll wish you got the 7-Day Metro Pass. The NYC Subway does not travel to New Jersey, so buying two city systems for transportation would be a waste of your time. The pass takes away a little bit of the stress of traveling between the two states. Also, if you plan on staying longer, they offer 30-Day passes.

Find a Great Place to Stay

Exploring New York and New Jersey can be readily done, since both are so close to each other. Staying in the city sounds nice, but it can quickly empty your wallet. Saving money on the place you visit means more money to spend on things you want and traveling to the next hot spot. 

You will want to stay in a location outside the bustle of the city. The Meadowlands is a great location to stay, since it isn’t far from either Newark or NYC, which makes booking hotels affordable!  

Download an App

There is an abundance of apps to support you on your traveling journeys for both cities. Need to know what top location within a mile of you is open? What about where the nearest subway exit is and when is the next train arrival? What about unique trivia about the locations you’re visiting? There are free apps available for all your traveling needs; merely pick out your favorites and go. 

Be Spontaneous

You can plan out your trip with 20 spreadsheets until your eyes are numb, but what’s the fun in that? Life is unpredictable, and sometimes we need to be as well. Go inside a store that catches your eye, or talk to someone while waiting in line. Create the memories that make traveling worth it because it’s not all about planning — it’s about being in the moment. 

Using these tips will support you and your traveling companions with saving time and money. If you create any more tips, please pass them on to a friend in need. Make the most of your time in these two beautiful states, and remember to have fun.

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