6 Tips For Looking The Best On Any Occasion

6 Tips For Looking The Best On Any Occasion

Tips For Looking The Best On Any Occasion

Did you know that when it comes to making sure you are the best dressed at any event, it goes beyond the actual outfit itself? There are a lot of do’s and don’ts out there, which is what we want to cover to ensure you look and feel your best on any occasion.

From making sure that your dress fits perfectly for your shape and size to the accessories you need to remember, here are a couple of tips to help you nail your formal look and make sure you’re the one that stands out for all the right reasons at your next event.

6 Tips For Looking The Best On Any Occasion

1. Be Prepared for Anything

From a cocktail hour to the formalities of the event right up until the time you hit that dance floor, you never know what’s going to go down during the event, which is why you should pretty much be prepared for anything you could need should a wardrobe mishap arise. At the bare minimum, make sure you pack fashion tape if you have a slip-prone strap or your hem may unravel, Band-Aids for new-shoe, dancefloor-induced blisters, and safety pins which come in handy for so many things to help you keep looking your best.

2. Pick the Right Shoes

While this may seem like a somewhat obvious style choice, it’s actually not. Yes, the shoes ought to complement the outfit, but if you’re wearing an evening gown, chances are nobody’s really going to see them. It’s more important that your shoes are comfy, and you are able to walk confidently in them, especially of a night on the dance floor.

3. Make Sure the Dress Fits

No matter how stunning the dress may be, if it doesn’t fit well, it’s just a waste. If needs are, spend a little less on your dress and put the extra money towards making sure the hem and bodice are tailored to fitted perfection. If you’re attending prom night, Peaches Boutique has the best white prom dresses for 2018 so check out their collection.

6 Tips For Looking The Best On Any Occasion

4. Coordinate the Clutch

Clutches are the bags we are probably least likely to buy in bulk. But, there’s a secret to having your clutch match your dress to perfection – borrow on. Between your relatives and friends, someone may just have the right bag for your outfit. What’s more, most of the time, black or metallic numbers will work just fine and will ensure you are the best dressed and accessorized at the event.

5. Practice Your Poses

If you dress up to the nines and don’t take a picture, how will anyone know it actually happened? Worst of all, what if you take a bad picture and become the trending event hashtag? Avoid such scenarios by making sure you nail your poses so you’re not only the best dressed, but most snapped, too.

6. Don’t Be Scared of Belts

A belt is great for accentuating any figure and is a pretty unexpected and highly underrated accessory that will score some serious style points. Just make sure it’s a belt that is both formal and matches your dress. Depending on the dress, it could be pretty much anything from metal to satin.

Be the best dressed at any formal event with the tips we’ve shared.

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