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Things to Keep in mind while selecting wedding lehenga

The wedding takes place once in a lifetime and every bride wants to look her best. Looking beautiful improves the self-confidence of the bride which gets reflected in the smile and the photographs. Wedding lehenga, Makeup, and Jewellery are some of the most important decisions a bride has to make to look her best. The first thing you usually select out of these is the wedding lehenga.

Some girls opt for their mother’s lehenga, something her mother wore on her wedding day, in this case, it gets super easy for you, but if you are not one of those, then you have the task of selecting something super special for your D day.

There are some points that must be kept in mind while selecting the lehenga for your special day:
  1. What color are you looking for:

In earlier times, brides used to go for traditional reds and maroons, but these days the market is full of different colored lehengas, you can opt for green, blue, orange or pink. One of my cousins actually wore a pastel green and peach colored lehenga on her wedding. Go for the color that suits you the best. I personally was sure that I wanted to wear a red lehenga on my wedding, and knowing this made my task much easier.

colors of wedding lehenga

  1. What’s your budget:

This is the point suggested by all. Before going out in the market and searching for your lehenga, pre-decide on a budget and don’t forget to leave some margin for plus. It usually happens that you have a set budget in your mind and when you go shopping you like something which is little higher than your budget.

  1. Where do you want to buy it from:

There are numerous designers in India which make amazing wedding lehengas, I personally love Sabyasachi wedding lehengas. But such designers do not come in everyone’s budget. To buy something in your budget, either you can opt for small designer boutiques or you can search markets like Chandni chowk. Some people say that Chandni chowk does not sell good quality stuff, but trust me, girls, if you are at the right place you can get amazing stuff. Some shops even custom make it for you.

I got my lehenga from Chandni chowk itself from a shop called ‘Pakeeza Plaza’.

  1. Heavy/Light work:

Though usually bridal lehengas are full of heavy embroidery and sequins, the amount of work on the lehenga should depend on the timing of the function. If it’s a day wedding, light work looks the best and if a night wedding, bright shining lehenga looks good too. Selecting the work on lehenga should also depend on the body type. If you are on the heavier side, then avoid something with too much work as it might make you look heavier and no one wants to look fat in their wedding pics.

  1. The weight of your lehenga:

One can say “Heavier the work, heavier the lehenga”, but this is not exactly true. If you go for heavy embroidery in real zari work, then yes the lehenga would be super heavy. But these days there are many other options available which looks heavy but are super lightweight. Heavier lehenga has a better fall, but make sure not to select a super heavy lehenga as it might end making you feel uncomfortable. Heavy lehenga does look good at first but after 3-4 hours of wear, they become a load that you have to carry for another several hour.

My wedding lehenga weighs around 7 kgs, which might seem a lot, but for me, it was super comfortable. I was easily roaming around in it without any discomfort.

  1. Style/cut of lehenga:

These days designers are making lehengas according to one’s body type. When going for lehenga shopping, don’t forget to do a pre-research about the type of cut that might suit your body.

  1. Type of dupatta:

Every bride has a dupatta over her head and if that dupatta is heavy, the bride may suffer from discomfort or a headache. While buying the lehenga ask the designer for the second lighter dupatta. These days majority of the lehengas come with 2 dupattas, a lighter one and a heavier one, but if your selected lehenga does not have 2 of them, then you can order for it. The designer would be happy to make you one that will match with your lehenga.

This is how my wedding lehenga looked:

Things to Keep in mind while selecting wedding lehenga

Check out some more pictures HERE

Hope that these points would be of some help to you. Have a Happy Wedding!!!

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  1. Great blog !Whenever any girl think or talk about bridal lehengas, they do start dreaming about it. Owning a perfect bridal attire is every girl’s dream that she wants to fulfill.

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