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Sugar Cosmetics & Faces Canada Makeup Haul, July 2020

It has been a while since I shared any new makeup products that I bough. The main reason for the same being, due to the lockdown, I didn’t actually buy anything new until a few days back. In today’s post, I would be sharing some of the makeup products that I bought recently. Find the solution for your beauty problems on WomenPremiumBeauty and keep looking gorgeous.

Let’s start with all the products that I bought:
Sugar Cosmetic Makeup Haul

I bought a few products from Sugar Cosmetics and some lipsticks from Faces Canada.

Sugar Cosmetics:
1.SUGAR Aquaholic Hydrating Stick (BUY HERE)

This is one of the products that I always wanted to buy from the brand, but I wasn’t too excited anything else earlier, I didn’t get it. I am not too sure about how this product works but I somehow feel that my skin needs the hydration that this product can provide. The product retails for Rs 899 for 32 gm of product and can be bought easily both online and in the stores.

Sugar Cosmetics Makeup Haul
2. SUGAR Click Me Up Velvet Lipstick (BUY HERE)
Sugar Cosmetic Makeup Haul

I did a full post about these lipsticks when they were newly launched and I was not too happy with the amount of product you get at the price of the lipstick. I never intended to try them due to the price, but then some of the shades came down at a 50% discount on Sugar Cosmetics website and I decided to buy them. These lipsticks retail for INR 699 for 2 gm of product and I bought them for Rs 350 each

The shades I have are: 09 Tantalising Tangerine and 05 Magnetic Magenta.

To be honest, I am glad that I bought these. I have just tried one of the shades that too just once, and I am already in love with the formula. it is non-transferable and very light on the lips.

One thing that I noticed in the packaging of these lipsticks is, on one of the boxes, both the number and the name of the color is mentioned, while on the other box, only the number is mentioned. I bought both the lipsticks from Sugar Cosmetics website and still they differ from each other.

3. SUGAR Smoothing Primer (BUY HERE)

The third and the final product that I have from the brand is their smoothing primer. I didn’t actually buy this, but this is one of the free gifts I received with my order (I also received a face mask). The size of the primer is surprisingly bigger than what I expected, it is actually a full-size product that the brand is giving away as a free gift. I am excited to try this primer as I have read a few good reviews about the same. Hope that this will work for my skin too.

Sugar Cosmetics Makeup Haul
Faces Canada:
Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Mini Lip Crayon (BUY HERE)

Now coming to Faces Canada, I bought 3 new lipsticks, all of being newly launched. The brand recently launched the mini versions of their Ultimate Pro Lip Crayons which retail for Rs 549 for 2.5 gm of the product. I do not own any Ultimate Pro Lip Crayon and so I decided to try the mini version, which seems more reasonable and affordable.

The shades that I have are: Red Fantasy 03, Irresistible Pink 11, and, Divine Rose 12.

Faces Canada LIpsticks

This is all for today’s haul, I have tried a few of these products already and will soon write about them in detail.

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