Spray Paint Nail Polish

Spray Paint Nail Polish: Review and How to Use!

Trying new beauty products is my hobby and when it comes to trying new nail products, I am always in. A few days back, I got a chance to order few products from the website tosave.com. I have worked with the website earlier also, and like last time, this time too, I got myself some nail products. (Check out my haul). Out of everything that I got, I am going to review their ‘Spray Paint Nail Polish’, which was one of my most awaited items I ordered.

Spray Paint Nail Polish

While ordering Spray Paint Nail Polish, I didn’t know how would it work on me, whether it would be as easy to remove from the fingers as shown in some videos or would it be a complete fail. But I was really excited to try something new.

What is Spray Paint Nail Polish?

Spray Paint Nail Polish is basically a spray paint for your nails or you can say it is a nail polish in a spray can. It looks just like nail polish on the nails and comes with a top/base coat too. The only difference is that this one comes in a spray can.

Product Description:

With the new technology, let us introduce to you spray paint for your nails. It dries under a minute, the paint only adheres to nails which means if you got it on your hands you can simply remove it by picking it off. The paint is gentle on your skin and paints the nails evenly. It is also safe for users of all ages.

Spray Paint Nail Polish
Left: Bare nails, Right: Nails with the base coat
Directions to use Spray Paint Nail Polish:

1. Simply apply the base coat onto your nails, then select the desired color.

2. Hold the bottle 6 inches away from your nails and press down steadily on the can and spray color on your nails.

3. Let the color set for a couple of minutes

4. Once the color dries, apply the top coat and wash your hands to remove extra color on the fingers.

Spray Paint Nail Polish

My Experience with Spray Paint Nail Polish:

Spray Paint Nail Polish is messy but is super easy to use. I ordered my polish from tosave.com. The site retails these spray paints for $7.8 and they have more than 10 color options. The color I choose is a shade of red. Though the color looks like a bright orange, but it does have a hint of red in some lightening.

Spray Paint Nail Polish
The process of application is a complete mess

The spray polish is super easy to use. The polish comes with a top/base coat which is recommended to use before and after the paint. While trying the spray polish for the first time, I followed all the steps that were recommended on the pack/website and the results were good but not completely satisfactory. Spraying color onto the nails do seem to be an easy thing to do, but if the color is not sprayed evenly onto the nails, it ends up looking gross. I sprayed my thumb first followed by other fingers. The color on my thumb was full of small dents/ holes. The application was highly uneven. But thankfully the majority of unevenness gets covered by the top coat. The application can be improved by regular practice.

Spray Paint Nail Polish
Closer view

Being a spray, the polish is highly pigmented but unfortunately, does not have a super staying power. The color can stay good up to 2 days after which it starts to fade from the top portions of the nails. The color does not chip but it can be peeled off from the nail, even with a top coat on.

Spray Paint Nail Polish
Nails after the application of top coat

The color that gets on the fingers while spraying is decently easy to remove. It is not as easy as keeping the fingers under water and the color is removed magically, rubbing fingers is required to remove the color.

Spray Paint Nail Polish
Wash fingers once the colors on the nails have completely dried
My overall Experience:

Though I am not completely satisfied with the idea of a Spray Paint Nail Polish, but I am happy to try something new. I just ordered one color and I would surely like to have few more color options to try. The application might not be the best looking, but the end result is comparatively not so bad. Spray Paint Nail Polish is a boon for ladies who do not have time to sit and paint their nails or for those who are not very good at painting their nails themselves.

Spray Paint Nail Polish

Pros of Spray Paint Nail Polish:
  • Super easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Quick drying
  • Easy to wash off skin
  • Comes with its own bottle of base/top coat
Cons of Spray Paint Nail Polish:
  • Difficult to find
  • Messy to use
  • Applies unevenly until proper practice
  • Not so good staying power
Spray Paint Nail Polish
Do I recommend this product:

Yes, it is something new and different from traditional nail polishes, and if you get a chance to try these, then you must grab the opportunity.

Rating: 3/5


Disclaimer: It was a PR sample

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