Some Unusual Pair of Heels

Hey Girls,

We all love wearing heels and we love to flaunt them whenever we get a chance. But there are some pair of heels that are not everyone’s cup of tea. Today I have compiled 15 such heels, which are different from our usual pair of heels and are unique in their own sense of style.

Enjoy the pics !!!

1. Heel measures approximately 150mm/ 6 inches with a 40mm/ 1.5 inch platform. Spiked, Studded and Swarovski crystal-encrusted suede ankle boots.



2. The heels seem pretty wearable but the detailing added on the back makes it only red carpet appropriate.

23. The heart detailing is cute….But I really doubt whether these little hearts can take the weight of the complete body !!!

34. These heels are beautiful, a pretty crystal chandelier around a normal pencil heel.

45. I am still unsure about what was the designer trying to make, a shoe or some kind of a trap for feet  !!!

56. These heels look so adorable….But would you dare to wear these in your normal life ?

67. This is something really unusual. Isn’t it really difficult to walk in these!! Poor model…

78. Are these a different version of platform heels? Whatever they are, the cut given to them makes them really different from others…

89. This is a pretty looking pair. Though it is different from the usual heels, but at least is wearable.

910. This is my personal favorite form all the above heels. Loved the color combination on the footwear.

1011. Now this is something unique.. I wonder are the fishes real ??

1112. This can be a perfect pair of heels for dog lovers. Completely wearable and funky at the same time.

1213. Where is the heel gone?



14. This one is dangerous…..I hate those teeth !!!

1415. This is the most unusual and scary of all the above.  This doesn’t even look good in the display…Imagine how would they look on your feet. A good one to scare away kids.




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