Some Unusual Lipstick Colors: Which one would you dare to wear ?

Good morning Girls!!!!

We all wear lipsticks and the colors we usually think of the shades of red, pink, orange or maybe mauve. but have you ever tried wearing a bolder color lips and by bold I don’t mean a bold red or bright orange, but I actually mean a black or a green. In normal situations we don’t wear such colors but sometimes for some play or special occasions we do try these colors.

There are very few brands that make such colors. Today I have compiled for you some of the unusual lipstick colors that requires a lot of courage to flaunt. Enjoy the colors !!!

Lime Crime Opaque Lipsticks (The brand is famous for it’s lipsticks, especially the bolder ones)

new yolk city


No she didn’t



Mint to be


MAC (MAC has some best quality lipsticks, but have you tried these colors from MAC?)

Mac Grey friday

MAC Metal Maven Metallic Silver Lipstick

KA’OIR Cosmetics (This brand has all the unusual colors you can think of)

jamaica 11

Golden Goddess

Inglot (Few months back, Inglot too came up with a  line called color play. The collection have some bright colored products and they include some unusual colored lipsticks too)

Inglot Color play palette



NYX (Even NYX has some unusual colored lipsticks in their Macaron lipsticks collection)

nyx macaron lipsticks


Which of these would you dare to wear?

16 thoughts on “Some Unusual Lipstick Colors: Which one would you dare to wear ?”

    1. Thanks Rakhshanda…..I don’t have the courage to wear Chinchilla, but I can try Poison berry, at least for a night party 🙂

    1. Poison berry is a bright one but yes rose is completely wearable ..actually NYX macaron collections just have very few wearable shade and rose is the most wearable out of all 🙂

    1. true dear they do have some wearable shades and even in Inglot 3 shades are wearable (at least for me) and I already have 2 of those 🙂

  1. wow..!
    I loved the poison berry. It seems to be a general favourite here!
    But i wont mind trying out the lighter shades from Lime Crime and Inglot. God, i hope i don’t end up scaring myself! 😛

    1. heheh true…everyone is liking poison berry 🙂 For me the light shades are also so bold 🙂 n yey …even i might scare myself 🙂

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