Simple Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Girls,

Today I will be sharing with you a nail art tutorial. Few days back I posted some simple nail art designs from internet and asked you girls about which one should I try first and write a tutorial post (Simple Nail Art Designs), Manogna from beeafteryou suggested that I must give tutorials for all the designs and so Today I am starting with one of those designs.

Hope you will like it 🙂

Items Required:

  • 3 different nail paint colors (I selected a light blue, a yellow and a red)
  • A black colored nail art polish with a thin brush (a separate brush can also be used with a normal black polish)
  • A white nail polish, and
  • A Dotting tool (ball pen nib can also be used if you don’t have a dotting tool)

nail art 2 (1)

nail art 2 (2)

Step 1: Start by painting the tips of your nails with a white colored polish. I painted it with oral hands, but french tip stencils can also be used.

nail art 2 (3)

nail art 2 (4)

Step 2: Next, take the dotting tool and make dots with all the three different colors (as shown in the picture).

nail art 2 (5)

Step 3: Last step is to take a black colored thin brush polish and make outlines of the dots that were made earlier with colored polishes.

nail art 2 (6)

nail art 2 (7)

And your Nail Art is done 🙂

nail art 2 (8)

nail art 2 (10)

nail art 2 (9)

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