silicon sponges: My experience

Silicon Sponges for Foundation: My experience

Beauty trends change rapidly and there is always something new to try. Same is happening in the way you apply your foundation too. There were days when ladies used to apply foundations with their hands, then came the brushes and then the very popular beauty blender. But as beauty blender was pretty pricey for a sponge, many other big and small companies came up with their own versions of foundation sponges. Few months back I saw people trying silicon sponges to apply their foundation. Recently I also saw few you tubers applying their foundations with a boiled egg!!! Like really ???? I always try incorporating new techniques in my foundation routine but a boiled egg, I didn’t even bother to think about it.

silicon sponges: My experience

A few days back I got a chance to order few products from a site called While surfing the site, I came across some cute looking silicon sponges. The idea of using silicon sponges for applying foundations seemed interesting to me but it had mixed reviews on the internet. But as the product offered on the site was not pricey, I thought to give it a try.


On the website, the sponge only costs $0.77 which is almost equal to INR 50. Not bad, right? I know that considering the price it may not be the best sponge to try but I wanted to start with a low price alternative. (BUY HERE)

silicon sponges: My experience

What are Silicon Sponges?

As the name suggests, silicon sponges are basic foundation application sponges which unlike others are made of silicon. They are considered better than regular sponges as they do not absorb foundation which actually helps to save a lot of product in long run. The sponge has a jelly like soft texture which is claimed to fit the curvature of the face perfectly. These sponges are available in various color options and designs too. The one I have has cute pink colored flowers on it.

How to use Silicon Sponges:

A silicon sponge is just used as any other makeup sponge, the only thing to be kept in mind is that the outer membrane must not be torn (this is what was written on my piece).Just take a little amount of foundation on the back of your hand or directly on the sponge and start applying!

Silicon Sponge: My experience

My experience with Silicon Sponges:

I had good hopes for this product and I especially loved the way it looked, but unfortunately, the product did not work for me. The silicon sponge indeed does save a decent amount of foundation, and just a small drop of the foundation is sufficient for the entire face, but for me, I had difficulty in blending the foundation. The more I was trying to blend my foundation, the more it was spreading leaving a super sheer coverage. It might seem fancy to use these sponges and they are super easy to clean as well, but for me, I am surely not going to try any other version of the same.

Silicon Sponge: My experience

Have you tried silicon sponges? Did they compare to other blending sponges? How did you like them?

In India, you can buy silicon sponges on Amazon.

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