Portraitflip: An E-Commerce Website Setting New Standards Of Gifting

Gifting painted portraits is the new trend.

Portrait painting depicts emotions and this is the reason of their fondness all over the world.

People gift customized portraits to their loved ones to show love and affection towards the relationship they have.

There are many websites regarding gifts selling portrait paintings but few of them have the quality to fulfil the satisfaction of customer.

We always look ‘value for money’ while shopping online gifts.

I once ordered a customized portrait painting which was wonderfully delivered to me, from a website named PortraitFlip.

Few of you must already know about this website.


PortraitFlip is an e-commerce website that sells customized handmade paintings according to the customer’s demand.

They provide 100% handcrafted products which are easily available on the website.

Handmade portraits have never been easy to make but PortraitFlip makes it possible to every extent.

The organization aims at bringing smiles to their trusted customers when they gift something this unique to their loved ones.

A PortraitFlip customer’s wish is limitless.

You can also turn your priceless moment into a customized handmade painting expressing your deep emotions in the right way.

 They also convert picture into painting.

They are setting new standards of gifting and providing a great experience to the customer and their closed ones.

How it works?

All the customer has to do is, they have to upload their photo at the website and specify the pattern of painting they want.

They have the size option according to the price.

You can mention any special requirements and suggestions through the message box given below.

Category of Portraits:
Charcoal sketch:

The Charcoal sketch gives a rough texture to the sketch catching eyes all around.

 It leaves dark and elegant effect to the canvas. The most uncommon thing of charcoal sketches is the effects of shadow which adds glory to the whole creativity.

Oil Painting:

The Oil painting is known for their richness of colour.

It is another way of creating a beautiful portrait.

The painting shows its shine and the depth of colours in it. It consists of wide range of tonal shades.

It creates wonderful effect of light and colour as well as much greater than real look.

Pencil Sketch:

The pencil sketches create an effective role in realistic art.

 It shows the pattern of creativity of the object. It includes soft stroke which helps in defining realistic shapes and curves of the picture.

A pencil sketch gives the picture a natural and true appeal.

 It defines the sketch and gives a 3D effect to the drawing which makes it beautiful.

Watercolour Painting:

The watercolour painting adds a reality to the picture.

 It deals with watering in the whole picture which gives a beautiful aspect to the painting.

Watercolour painting is the fascinating medium for expressing the beauty of photo.

There is something special about watercolour painting which attracts wide interest in the field of art.

Coloured Pencil Drawing:

Coloured pencil drawing is simply layering of semi-transparent colours to create wonderful paintings.

It is effective and simple way of drawing which results creating beautiful paintings representing a variety of colours.

The colours used in coloured pencil create depth to the painting that gives it a fascinating effect.

Acrylic Painting:   

The range of acrylic painting keeps it as the centre of attraction in the art galleries.

These paintings basically define the transparency of layers and colours of the picture.

It allows the artists to add variety of surfaces and textures. This kind of painting gives an effect to the portraits which makes it unique.

Shipping Charges:
  • Free shipping (25-27 business days)
  • Express shipping (16-18 business days)

PortraitFlip delivers its product all over the world with quality packaging as per customer satisfaction.

They have finishing options too, such as:
  • Rolled
  • Gallery wrapped
  • Framed
You have all the payment options available on the website:
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • PayPal

The paintings are available at 30% advance payment and the customer can pay rest of the amount after delivery.

Refund & Return Policy:

The customer can return the product if he/she is not satisfied with it and get the money back.

Otherwise the customer can also get correction in the painting if something is unsuitable to him/her.

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