PAC Eyelash Curler

PAC Eyelash Curler: Quick Review

“A Girl is not complete without her Lashes”. It is a saying which is true for almost every girl. There is nothing prettier and more powerful than pretty looking lashes. There are many types of fake lashes available in the market which makes the task of good looking lashes easier, but for someone like me, putting fake lashes every time takes a lot of time. This is where a good mascara comes handy. But mascara cannot function alone, it needs a tool to help it give beautiful curly lashes. Today I’ll be reviewing PAC Eyelash Curler, which is a perfect tool for curling your lashes.

PAC Eyelash Curler

Price: INR 395 (BUY HERE) (BUY HERE)

PAC Eyelash Curler

Product Description:

PAC Eyelash Curler is designed to exceed the standards and performance of any other curler on the market today.

  • A next-generation, professional-quality eyelash curler for round shaped eyes.
  • Reworked angles create excellent access to each lash like never before, allowing for effortless use and maximum curl.
  • PAC Eyelash Curler’s sleek body shape, with a smaller opening, is tailored for exceptional comfort and unparalleled leverage.
  • A narrowed top bar adapts to all types of eye shapes, and a thick, rounded silicone pad ensures intense crease-free curl.
PAC Eyelash Curler

The eyelash curler comes in a white colored cardboard box with the product description and instructions to use, mentioned on the box. The handles of the eyelash curler have finger slots, like the majority of the curlers and they are colored in red and black ombre.

PAC Eyelash Curler

My Experience with PAC Eyelash Curler:

The first time, I used the curler, it did not impress me, it actually didn’t do much for me. It took me some practice to use the curler effectively on my lashes. This is not the first curler I am trying, but I was somehow afraid to use it on my lashes. After a few trials, now when I know that this won’t pinch me hard, this has become my go-to curler. It works well in curling my lashes which helps in the application of falsies too.

PAC Eyelash Curler

Pros of PAC Eyelash Curler:
  • Looks beautiful
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with 2 additional pads
  • Pads can easily be detached and cleaned
  • Non-Slip rubber handles make it easy to use
  • Works well in curling the lashes
Cons of PAC Eyelash Curler:

The product takes time to get used to. Personally, it took me around 3-4 days to get used to it.

PAC Eyelash Curler

Rating: 4/5

The company also has a false lash applicator, which I would love to try. I am not so good at applying false lashes, and I feel that a product like that would really make the task of applying falsies a lot easier.

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