nyx eyeshadow single highlight

NYX eyeshadow single Highlight: Review

I love anything which is colorful and this is the reason which attracted me towards makeup. In makeup, I love lipsticks and nail polishes as they are the ones that are available in numerous color options. Another makeup thing that is available in plenty of colors are the eyeshadows, though colored eyeshadows cannot be used on daily bases but I still like to collect them for some special occasions. Today I have one such eyeshadow to review that I bought around 2 years ago from the brand NYX.

Any eye look, be it a simple everyday eye or an intense smoky eye requires a highlighting color which helps to make the eye look brighter and this is what the present eyeshadow is about. The single eyeshadow I got from NYX is called Highlight and I bought it assuming that I’ll be able to use it as my inner corner highlight or my brow bone highlight. But did it work as per my expectation? Read on to know my take on ‘Highlight’.

nyx eyeshadow single highlight

Product quantity: 2.4 g


In India, I bought it for Rs 550


Mentioned on the back of the packaging which unfortunately can’t be read if you buy the product online in India as importers have their label pasted just above the list. But it can be read online.

Product Description:

Here’s a real collector’s item: You’ll be tempted to amass your own sensational color library of our richly pigmented eyeshadows. Choose from 72 individual NYX Single Eye Shadow shades in shimmer, sheer, glitter, frosty, metallic or matte. Our pressed mineral eye shadows pack a color punch, are easy to blend and last for many hours.

nyx eyeshadow single highlight

My take on NYX eyeshadow single Highlight:

The one I have is in NYX old packaging, which used to come in a small square shaped simple box with a transparent lid. The lid has NYX written on it. The packaging is sturdy and small enough to make the shadow travel-friendly.

nyx eyeshadow single highlight

Now coming to the shade, ‘Highlight’ yes the color is appropriate to be used as a highlighting color. But it’s a bit on the yellow side and gives a satiny finish to the lids. Unfortunately, the color is not too pigmented to be used as a highlight. The pigmentation looks fine when the color is swatched on the finger, but on lids, even 4-5 layers are not enough. I expected the color to highlight my lids, but the color does not even show up on the lids, forget the highlighting.

The shadow can be used for toning down an intense shadow color. Though the color is not good for highlighting, the only other use I can think of this color is a base color on the lids. Intense eyeshadow looks require a base color to even out the skin tone, and this might work well for that purpose. It has been 2 years since I got this and until today I haven’t used it much.

nyx eyeshadow single highlight

Texture wise, the shadow is very smooth to apply and easy to blend (if at all it shows). Sometimes the color might look chalky but mostly it seems pretty good to use. I can’t comment on the staying power of the color or how long does it take to fade away as it didn’t show up on my lids and I really don’t know when it went away from the lids. But yes, the shadow did not crease on me.


nyx eyeshadow single highlight

Pros of NYX eyeshadow single Highlight:
  • Good quality (I trust the brand)
  • Cute sturdy packaging (travel-friendly)
  • No shimmer
  • Not much fallout and no creasing at all
  • Smooth to apply
  • Easy to blend
  • Can be used to tone down the intensity of any other color
Cons of NYX eyeshadow single Highlight:
  • Poor pigmentation (the color does not show up on lids at all)
  • A bit pricey
Would I buy this product again?

No! I am not even sure whether I’ll be using this one or not, forget about buying it again.

Do I recommend this?

No! The quality might be good but the pigmentation is so poor that quality cannot be seen!


2/5 (Though it does have a lot more pros than cons, but it’s one con ‘poor pigmentation overcomes all the pros)


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19 thoughts on “NYX eyeshadow single Highlight: Review”

  1. The color looked nice, but I like with shimmer… and you said that it doesn’t even show on the lids and that you won’t repurchase, so I will keep far from it 🙂

  2. I’ve been meaning to try this highlight out for long time now glad I din’t.. Thank you for your honest review

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