Nykaa Wing in a Blink Eyeliner Pen

Nykaa Wing In A Blink Eyeliner Pen Dark Knight, Review

Winged eyeliner looks beautiful with any makeup look. It is actually something that elevates the look of any eye makeup. But it is not so easy to achieve an even wing on both the eyes. Achieving even looking wings takes time especially if you are new to makeup. Nykaa has launched a new product that solves the problem of uneven wing liners. Nykaa Wing in a Blink Eyeliner Pen is a product that makes applying wing liner a 2-minute task.

Nykaa Wing in a Blink Eyeliner Pen

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Price: INR 549 for 2.5 gm of the product (BUY HERE)

Product Description:

They say Never ask a woman with winged eyeliner why she ‘s late! But with Nykaa’s Wing in a Blink Waterproof eyeliner pen, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! This innovative liner has a tip eyeliner pen at one end, and a beautiful wing shape stamp at the other, that will help you create crisp, even winged eyeliner in seconds! The intense black transfer-resistant formula, locks in place for flawless, all-day budge-proof, waterproof wear. Achieving that perfect winged eyeliner has never been easier!

Nykaa Wing in a Blink Eyeliner Pen

No list of ingredients is mentioned on the packaging. Also, nothing is mentioned on Nykaa’s website.

How to Use:
My Experience with Nykaa Wing in a Blink Eyeliner Pen:

The outer box of Nykaa’s wing eyeliner pen is a black colored cardboard box with details about the product (not including the list of ingredients). The actual plus about the pen is the fact that it is dual-sided. One side being the wingtip and the other a regular felt tip liner.

The wing side of the liner makes it really easy to apply the liner, all you have to do is just stamp the tip and the wing is ready. Now, as the tip is of the same size for both the eyes, the liner comes out to be always even. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is the placement of the tip if that is even the liner is always even.

The eyeliner pen is dark black in color and a single swipe is good enough for the desired look. The formula has everything you would want to have in an eyeliner, it is dark, works in a single swipe, stays put for long hours, and is waterproof. It is also almost smudge-proof, almost because I won’t say that it cannot be removed without an eye makeup remover. It certainly does not budge or fades on its own with time neither does it smudge with water, but it can easily be removed by rubbing your eyes.

I did not do it intentionally, but after reaching home, having this eyeliner for almost 6 hours, I forgot that I have something on my eyes and I rubbed my eyes. The eyeliner almost instantly rubbed off from my lids. Thankfully it does not leave any black stains on the lids and gets removed completely by just rubbing.

Nykaa Wing in a Blink Eyeliner Pen
Overall thoughts:

Overall I can say that I am in love with this product. It used to take me a long time to match my wing liner, but not anymore. This eyeliner pen helps me achieve even wing in just one go. It is a blessing in the form of a product for ladies who usually have very little time to get ready in the morning. Also, it has a long staying power and is super black. I totally recommend this eyeliner pen.

Nykaa Wing in a Blink Eyeliner Pen
Pros of Nykaa Wing in a Blink Eyeliner Pen:
  • Makes application of winged eyeliner super easy
  • Rick black color
  • Easy to use and travel-friendly
  • Decently affordable
  • Paraben-Free
  • A vegetarian product that is not tested on animals.
  • Easily available
Cons of Nykaa Wing in a Blink Eyeliner Pen:
  • The claim of the product being budge-proof and waterproof is not completely true.
  • No ingredient list

Rating: 4/5

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