Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming

Nykaa Eyes On Me! 10-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette Daydreaming

Today’s review would be about one of the recent launches from Nykaa Cosmetics. Nykaa did there 6 pan eyeshadow palettes a while ago and I bought and tried the shade Smoking Hot. To be very honest, I wasn’t too pleased with the palette and thus I just bought one shade. But, when Nykaa came up with there 10 in 1 eyeshadow palettes, I instantly had an urge to try them. I bought ‘Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming’ and today’s post would be my experience with this new palette.

Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming

Price: INR 599 for 12 gm of the product (BUY HERE)

The palette contains 10 shades which make the price per shade INR 59.9 for 1.2 gm

Product Description:

Add a splash of color to your lids with these intensely pigmented Pink tone velvety mattes, beautiful shimmers, and the soft satins.


List of ingredients is mentioned on the back of the palette as well as on the outer box


The 10-In-1 eyeshadow palette from Nykaa comes packed in a black colored cardboard box, unlike their other products which have a red-colored box packaging. The name of the palette is written on the front of the box in bright bold letters. All the other information about the palette is given on the back of the box including the list of ingredients.

The palette itself has a sleek container with a transparent lid and 10 rectangular pans. The colors are arranged from the lightest to the darkest shades with shimmer and matte shades mixed together. The palette looks pretty and is sleek and has a sturdy packaging which makes it travel-friendly. A long dual-sided applicator is provided with the palette which I usually don’t use until absolutely required. Though it’s a good thing that the brand has thought of providing an applicator. This can be useful for ladies who are just starting on with eye makeup and do not have many eye brushes.

Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming
My Experience with Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming:

The 10-in-1 eyeshadow palette from Nykaa Cosmetics contains 6 shimmer and 4 matte shades. There are in total 5 color options to choose from and I chose the shade Daydreaming which is a pink eyeshadow palette. The color theme of the palette is such that all the shades look good with each other and they do blend quite easily.

Pigmentation wise, I found that the colors do not look so pigmented when hand swatched, but on the eyes, the pigmentation is enhanced (even without an eye primer). Also, I experienced an increase in pigmentation after a few minutes of application. All the colors look good together and a number of looks can easily be created using this single palette (but of course in the shades of pink).

Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming

The staying power of the shadows is average. It can last 4-5 hours but if you require intense color for more than 5 hours, this might not be the best option for you. The colors start fading after a few hours and no makeup remover would be required of you to have the shadow on for more than 8 hours.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I would say that I did like the 10 pan eye shadow palette way more than Nykaa’s 6 pan palette. The color scheme, the packaging and the quality of the shadows are good and the palettes are pretty affordable too. It is good for someone with lots of eye palettes and for those too who are just starting to build their makeup collection.

Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming
Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming
Pros of Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming:
  • The eyeshadow palettes have a preset color theme which can be useful for makeup beginners
  • The 10 shades compliment each other nicely and can be used to create several makeup looks in a single color theme
  • The colors look very pigmented on the eyes, the colors are buildable too
  • All the colors blend well with each other
  • The palette is affordable and easily available
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • List of ingredients is mentioned
  • The product is Cruelty-Free and the brand does not support Animal testing.
Cons of Nykaa Eyeshadow palette Daydreaming:
  • The shades are not very long-wearing
  • Contains Paraben

Rating: 4/5

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