Nivea Glamorous Lip Gloss in: Pink sugar review

Hello ladies,

I am back with another lip product. This time it’s a lip gloss from nivea and it’s called ‘nivea glamorous lip gloss’. This gloss is available in many different flavors and colors. The one I selected is called pink sugar. I selected this due to its name. I ordered it online so I was unable to see the actual color but the name suggested me that it will be a nice light pink gloss and my assumptions were right.


Product quantity: 8.5 ml

Price:  Rs 139



The gloss comes in a little pink colored tube with a transparent plastic cap. The packaging is similar to most of the tube glosses. It also has a beautiful design on the tube.



Product Description?

If your lips feel chapped and dry and the exposure to sun aggravates your problem, what you require is an extra layer of protection. Do not hide your lips behind a thick coat of lipstick; instead bring out their hidden glamour with the right product. The Nivea Glamorous Lip Gloss contains an innovative formula which both soothes and protects. Not only does the gloss bring a shine to your lips hitherto absent but it also provides optimum moisturization and protection the whole day long.


•    Ultra shine transparent pigments for lip beautification
•    Minus any sticky feelings
•    Get a long lasting care
•    Exotic scent which delights your senses
•    SPF 15 that gives protection from UV A and B



My take on the product:

The company says that the gloss contains ultra shine transparent pigments, which is true. The gloss is almost sheer with a very light pink color and contains minute pinkish silver particles. It gives a beautiful shine to the lips. The color cannot be seen on the lips especially if you have pigmented lips but the shine looks beautiful. The gloss has a rosy sugary smell which makes me feel like eating the gloss J the smell is amazing. The best part I liked about the gloss was that it was not at all sticky. It feels very smooth while applying and lips feels moisturized after the gloss. The company says that it has SPF 15 which is good and helps us to protect our lips from the harmful UV rays.


Final Verdict:

It is an amazing lip gloss and a must try. This lip gloss can be a best friend for the ladies who like to ditch their lipsticks once in a while or for the girls who like to give their lips a beautiful glow but want to avoid lipsticks. Also, it comes from a reputed brand like nivea which is known for years for its quality 🙂



IMG_0136 Pros:

  • Contains SPF 15
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for every age group
  • Good quality
  • Do not feel sticky on the lips
  • Cute pink packaging
  • Tube packaging makes it hygienic to use
  • Have an amazing sugary fragrance (can be a con for some but personally I loves the fragrance)


The only thing I can say is about the staying power which is not much, but it’s a lip gloss and mostly all glosses don’t have a very good staying power.

Would I buy this product again?

Definitely I will. I will also try the other shades or flavors as I want to smell them too, but once I will finish this off I will surely repurchase pink sugar.

Do I recommend this?

Yes I do. It is a good product and a must try and as I have already mentioned it can be your best friend 🙂

Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. ii love lipglozz i’m a real drama queen but that has a nice touch it is the only thing that i use on my lips cause they are very setaisneve but this is adorable but at the same time moisturisinq

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