Nine Tools You Need To Have A Wonderful Makeup

Nine Tools You Need To Have A Wonderful Makeup

Many people in this day and age use makeup to enhance their appearance and look more beautiful. This trend has elevated cosmetics to a very significant level. Makeup users range from office workers, people holding high offices that put them in the limelight, celebrities, housewives and common people who just want to look beautiful. The advantage about makeup is that the young and the old can use it whenever they want to.

The process of applying makeup requires certain skills for you to obtain a spectacular flawless look. Also, it is important for you to use the right tools to applying makeup which includes the following.

Face Brushes

You can buy special face brushes made for applying makeup. There are different types of face makeup brushes and one can use them in applying foundation, a concealer as well as powders. For instance, a fluffy powder brush which has a big round brush can be used to apply powder when makeup is done while a smaller one known as a blush brush can be used to blend the cheeks.

Eye Brushes

When applying makeup to the eyes, one can use the eye brushes. Also, these brushes can be used to mix the eyeshadow colors. Eye brushes include the eyeliner brush which is flat and small used to add the powder to the eyebrows as well as line them, eyeshadow brush used to apply eyeshadow on the eyes and the crease brush that is smaller in size and is used to applying a darker shade into the crease.

Eyebrow Comb


Before using tweezers on your eyebrows, an eyebrow comb should be used to see the part that needs to be shaped. Also, an eye comb can be used to brush off any extra brow powder thus giving your eyebrows a very natural look.


Prior to applying makeup, the eyebrow should be shaped as required by using tweezers. Tweezers can also be used to remove any extra hair from the chins and other parts of the face before applying makeup.

Eyelash curlers

In order for you to have eyelashes that are curly and beautiful, you need a good quality eyelash curler that has adequate pressure for the eyelashes to curl in an excellent manner.

Lip Brushes

These brushes have a narrow tip that is firm. Normally they used for applying lipstick and lip gloss but some people use them to do other things as well such as applying eye shadow, doing the eyebrows, contouring the lips and covering any dark spots.

Wedge Sponges

In case you are using liquid foundation, you can use wedge sponges to apply it on your face instead of using your fingers. When buying wedge sponges buy the bigger ones for use on the whole face and the smaller ones for applying foundation on the areas near the nose and the mouth.

Also, it is important to note that wedge sponges with small pores work better as they do not soak much of the foundation and they evenly apply the foundation on your face.

Makeup Mirror

Nine Tools You Need To Have A Wonderful Makeup

A makeup mirror is a must-have tool when applying makeup to avoid mistakes. Also, makeup mirrors are important since you can check the progress of your appearance as you continue applying makeup whether it’s according to how you initially wanted it to be. There are many types of makeup mirrors which include mounted mirrors, compact mirrors normally attached to makeups, magnifying, lighted makeup mirrors, makeup mirrors with three panels enabling you to see your face in all angles and many more intended to give you a thorough check of your face when applying makeup or after makeup application is done.


It is important to note that one can as well use their own fingers to apply makeup. This is the reason why your hands must be clean when applying makeup. For instance, you can use your pinky finger to easily apply lipstick or gloss and eyeshadow.

In conclusion, makeup is an art of enhancing one’s beauty or even changing one’s appearance completely to achieve a new look which is better. Therefore, it has to be done with the correct skills and tools to obtain the result desired.

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