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New Launch: Kay Beauty by Katrina Kaif

It has been a while when Katrina kaif announced her beauty line called ‘Kay Beauty’. The initial products from the brand included some lip crayons, lipstick pencils, and some eye pencils. But now, the collection includes nail polishes, brow pencils, and color corrector sticks too, which are the latest addition by the brand. The brand is exclusively available only on Nykaa.com.

In this post, I will be sharing all the products available by the brand with their swatches.

Let’s start with the latest addition!

Kay Beauty Colour Corrector Stick

These colour corrector sticks by Kay Beauty are the latest launch by the brand. It became available on Nykaa only a couple of days back. The colour corrector sticks retail for Rs 599 and are available in 5 color options.

Kay Beauty Nail Nourish Nail Enamel Polish

The polishes by the brand are available in 36 colour options and each retails for Rs 225 for 10 ml of the product. The collection contains all sorts of shades ranging from n*des and neutrals to very bright reds and pinks. The shade selection seems average as many neutral colors look very similar to each other. Though I love the fact that there are multiple shades of pink for a pink lover like me. Let’s have a look at the swatches!

Kay Beauty Matteinee Matte Lipstick

These are one of the first products that were launched with the brand. The matte lipsticks come in 24 color options and retails for INR 799 for 1.8 gm of product. These matte lipsticks come in a crayon form and are claimed to stay up to 18 hours. The lip crayons are smudge-proof and 100% waterproof and sweatproof. Don’t they seem exciting!

Kay Beauty Kajal

The kajals from the brand are available in 3 different variants:

My personal favorite amongst the 3 available options is the Gel Kajal in the shade Onyx which contains the maximum amount of product and is the most value for money. So, for everyday use, the Gel Kajal seems to be the best option.

Kay Beauty Metallic Eyeshadow Stick:

Now, this is one of the products that I would love to buy the complete shade range for. Metallic shadows look beautiful and when you have them in a stick form they become super easy to apply and blend. These metallic eyeshadow sticks retail for INR 599 and are available in 12 color options.

Kay Beauty Matte Eyeshadow Stick:

If you are not a metallic eye person, then Kay beauty has Matte Eyeshadow sticks for you. Like the metallic eyeshadow sticks, these matte eyeshadow sticks too, are 100% smudge-proof and waterproof. The retail price of these matte shadow sticks is the same as well. These too retail for INR 599.

Kay Beauty Brow Pencil

Kay Beauty Brow Pencils are available in 3 color variants: Walnut, Hazelnut, and Chestnut. The color selection might not be the best but they do have something for the majority of Indian skin tones. The retail price of these brow pencil is INR 599

Kay Beauty Metallic Lip Topper:

Now, this is a very exciting product from the brand. I am not a lip gloss person, but there are times when I want my lips to shine for those rare occasions I do not prefer to buy separate lip glosses. For someone like me who might want a shine on their lips but don’t want lip glosses, these are the products. The metallic lip toppers are perfect for a slight touch on the center of the lips or even for a complete lip look (if you are into shiny metallic lips). Thes metallic lip toppers are available in 6 color options and retails for INR 699 for 2.8 ml of product.

Kay Beauty Matte Action Lip Liner:

The final product that I would like to talk about from Kay Beauty is their Lip Liner Pencils. These pencils too were part of the initial launch by the brand. The lip pencils are available in 12 color options and retail for INR 550 for 1.2 gm of product.

My thoughts about the brand Kay Beauty:

To be honest, I haven’t tried any product from the brand, but I love the packaging of each and every product by the brand. The packaging is simple yet classy. Also, the brand does not have crazy color options currently but they certainly do have something for everyone. The prices offered by the brand are also pretty decent. I initially thought of trying their lipsticks, but as the brand is coming with new products I want to try everything.

Unfortunately, the products of the brand are only available on Nykaa (both online and in offline stores), but as the website delivers to the majority of the regions in India, this might not be an issue.

Disclaimer: All the images shown in the above post are taken from Nykaa's website

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