My favorite engagement rings!

Last month I wrote an article about engagement rings from and introduced you to the amazing variety of rings they have. (You can read the article HERE). Today I will be sharing with you 3 of my personal favorite rings from the site. Though they have great options of rings for every occasion, but I personally liked the collection of engagement rings that they have, and so today I have for you 3 of my favorite rings, one of which I would want my future husband to gift me 🙂

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After thoroughly going through the site, I selected these 3 rings that I would love to get as my engagement ring. Thankfully like other Jeulia jewelry pieces they all are pretty affordable especially now when they are on discount. Let’s see which rings I selected:

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This would be the first Jeulia engagement ring that I would like to add to my wish list. The reason for that could be quite obvious but still I would like to say that this ring qualifies to be one of my favorites due to the color of its stone. The ring has a pink colored sapphire stone which is embedded in sterling silver which has rhodium plating. The stone is not cut in a fancy shape, it’s simple and its round and this is the reason I loved it even more. Fancy shaped stones can look pretty but being my engagement ring, I would rather prefer to have something that is ever green and something that look good with every attire, be it Indian or Western. The ring retails for $179.91, but on discount you can get it for $99.95

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The second ring that I would like to add to my wish list would be this simple and elegant looking engagement ring. This ring reminds me of a diamond solitaire ring which is way too pricey and so does not come under every one’s budget. But that does not restrict me to select something similar. The ring is really affordable on the site and usually retails for about $136.71, but as its discount season, you can get this for just $75.95. Isn’t this an amazing deal?

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My third selected ring is very different from the other two. While my first two rings are pretty simple and elegant looking, the third one which makes me fall into love is this beautiful ring with a heart shaped stone. The ring is designed in a way that it seems that the heart beautifully rests in between two hands.  To me these hands signify that it requires two people (you and your partner) to make a great life.  To me it is a perfect design for an engagement ring. Now, the same design is available in various other stone options but I personally loved the Aquamarine stone the most.  The ring is reduced to $139.95 from $251.91, which is a huge discount.

All the 3 rings that I selected are made of sterling silver coated with rhodium. So, why is rhodium used to coat sterling silver? Rhodium plating is often added onto silver or gold jewellery to increase their shine, luster and durability. Rhodium plating also makes silver more scratch resistant and less prone to tarnishing.

All the stones used in Jeulia rings are lab created, which means that they are produced in a laboratory setting but they have same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural gemstones.

So, if my future husband is reading this post, or if he ever gets a chance to read this post, then please do check out this site and give me a pleasant surprise by gifting me one of these beautiful Jeulia engagement rings 🙂

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  1. Wow!!!! The first is my favorite, I love purple gems and I loved the third too, because of the heart shape of the gem! I love engagement rings, I think they are so romantic!

  2. Lovely engagement rings from the Brand, Thanks for sharing!
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