Swiss Beauty Haul

Monthly MAkeup Haul, Swiss Beauty Haul, August 2019

This months Haul has all Swiss Beauty products. I haven’t tried anything from this brand before and considering the affordable prices of the products, I really wanted to try their quality. I wasn’t actually aware of the brand until almost a year ago when I saw Swiss Beauty stalls in my nearest malls. I always passed through those stalls and never actually thought of trying the brand. But after repeatedly seeing the brand in the malls and then on Nykaa as well, I thought of finally trying their products.

Swiss Beauty Haul

I haven’t tried or even swatched any of the items yet and so I don’t have much to say about them yet. But, full reviews about each of the items would be up on the blog in the coming months.

Now, let’s get into the products I ordered:

1.Swiss Beauty Matte Lip Ultra Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick (INR 199 for 6ml, BUY HERE)

These liquid lipsticks are one of the most affordable ones available in the Indian market. These are available in 24 color options and looks really good in the packaging. The shades I bought are 02 called Rose and 09 called Mauve Taupe.

Swiss Beauty Haul

2. Swiss Beauty Baked Blusher & Highlighter (INR 349 for 7 gm, BUY HERE)

A blusher which works well as a highlighter too seems a good combination for these summer months. The blusher has 4 colors in the palette which either can be used seperately or can be swirled all at once to get that perfect pinky glow. These blushers are available in 4 color options but as I was taking shade number 3 in the multipurpose palette, I decided to go with shade number 3 in this as well.

Swiss Beauty Haul

3. Swiss Beauty Glitter Eyeliner (INR 199 for 3.5 gm, BUY HERE)

This is the product out of all the ones in my haul that I least excited about. I am not too sure about how this would work for me, but if this works well, then the price point is not too bad. These glitter eyeliners are available in 14 color options.

4. Swiss Beauty Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow (INR 199 for 2.25ml, BUY HERE)

These metallic liquid eyeshadows seems to be a good alternate to Stila Liquid shadows which are way pricier. I am not too sure if these are as good as the Stila ones, but they seem to be a pretty good budget friendly option. Swiss Beauty Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows are available in 6 color options and the shade I have here is shade number 05.

Swiss Beauty Haul

5. Swiss Beauty Multi Purpose Palette – 03 (INR 499 for 10 gm, BUY HERE)

This multipurpose palette comes in 4 different color options and each one contains 4 sections containing 3 colors each. This makes it a total of 12 shades for just 499 bucks. You certainly cannot go wrong with this price. The palette actually looks prettier in person as compared to the pictures available online. The blusher I bought from the brand is also in the shade number 3, and the shades look very similar to the pink section of this palette. This palette can be used as a blusher, a bronzer or even as an eyeshadow.

Swiss Beauty Haul

6. Swiss Beauty HD Textured Shadow Palette (INR 499 for 20 gm, BUY HERE)

These HD Textured Eyeshadow palettes too come in 3 color options and I randomly picked up shade number 2. These palettes too retails for just Rs 499 and they have 18 shades. If you are a beginner and looking for affordable makeup with tones of colors, then this is an excellent option for you.

Unfortunately, when I received the palette one of the shadows was broken and so I had to return the palette. But, the palette looked absolutely beautiful in person.

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