May Fab Bag Review and Pictures

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Today I will be sharing with you all the contents of my May Fab Bag. I received my bag around a week ago and I wanted to write about it instantly but this time I wanted to use every product at least once before writing about them and so I waited a bit longer to write this review.

This month’s bag is called Sun, Sand, Sexy and it is claimed to contain everything that is ideal for beach vacation. The bag that came with the products contains blue and white colored horizontal stripes; it actually looks adorable to me.

May Fab Bag

For those girls who are not aware about what is Fab Bag, it is a monthly subscription bag in which you get 3-4 sample size makeup and skin care products of various brands. Every bag is customized according to personal preference and skin type. Though the bag and the products are a surprise but in the beginning of subscription a questionnaire is asked to be filled to understand the skin problem, choice of makeup and hair type which really help the Fab Bag team to customize the bag especially for us. The products are always packed in a cute bag which is different every month. The company also provides with a little booklet which contains the details about all the products received in the bag as well as some other products that can be brought from the site.

May Fab Bag

Sometimes Fab Bag does provide 1-2 full sized products too and sometimes you can also get more than 3 products plus some additional goodies

The subscription can be made for a single month or for the whole year.  The prices are:

For 1 month subscription: Rs 599 per month

For 3 month subscription: Rs 1499 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 6 month subscription: Rs 2699 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 12 month subscription: Rs 4799 i.e. around Rs 399 per month

Fab Bag does offer Mid-Term Cancellation, Free shipping and Money-Back Guarantee

May Fab Bag

Let’s check out what I received this month:

Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow –Madrid (Rs 1200 for 4.8 gm)

Few days before the May bags were dispatched, Fab Bag gave a sneak peak to the products and in that they told about this new company called ‘Be a Bombshell’. When I saw the products I wished to get the eyeshadow palette and to my surprise I got the eyeshadow palette in the neutral shade. I am happy that I received the neutral shade. I have tried the palette twice already and I really like the product. The shadows are decently pigmented and the best part about them is their staying power. The shadows stays for almost the complete day with little fading. I haven’t tried it with a primer beneath it, but I am sure that a primer can increase its staying power even more.

May Fab Bag

May Fab Bag

May Fab Bag

May Fab Bag


Vana Vidhi Oriental Rice Paddy Luxurious Face & Body Scrub (Rs 1599 for 70 gm)

I have used this scrub once on my face and I would like to say that I liked the feeling I got after using this product. When I applied it onto my face I didn’t like the way it felt, it was too oily, and honestly it was a little difficult to remove too, but after completely washing it out from my face, my skin felt extremely soft, which I loved. I am not yet sure about whether I liked the product or not, but it is not bad.

May Fab Bag

May Fab Bag


SaND For Soapaholics Face Puree (Rs 500 for 50 gm)

In the little card I got with my bag, it said that the bag has a sample of SaND for Soapaholics After Glow but what I actually received is the sample of Face Puree. The company says that the product contains fresh skin-friendly ingredients which are available in most Indian kitchens and gardens. The product is actually a face cleanser which is supposed to make you feel clean and fresh. I have used it once, and for me it was ok, nothing too exciting. The product does not lather at all, but it does cleanse your face.

May Fab Bag

May Fab Bag

These are all the products that I received in my Bag. As a bonus, this time they sent a beautiful scarf which is worth Rs 500. I did like the pattern on the scarf and the material is summer appropriate too.


May Fab Bag

May Fab Bag

I saw some reviews and realized that some people received 1 more sample in their bags; I wished that I would have been the lucky one too. Overall I liked the contents of my bag; especially the eyeshadow quad and I know that I am going to use it a lot.


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  1. Wow, MyFabBag is amazing! I loved the Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow, so beautiful colors! And I love scrubs, so that one would be perfect to receive! Oh no, others got one more sample? That’s not fair! I think you should write to the company and next time they will send you another product!

    1. I received d sam stole lyk u…n i too wishe if i gt subglasses or smthng else in my kitty….bg never d less …..luvly way to review it….gr8 going 🙂

    2. I love the shadow too Denise….and yey i saw an extra product in someones post…hope to get an extra product in my next bag 🙂

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