Makeup Sponge from Flipkart: My Experience and Review

Today I’ll be sharing my experience about the Makeup Sponge from Flipkart, which I shared in my latest Flipkart Haul. I have already reviewed the kylie lip kit posie K, and Huda Mirror polish I bought with this makeup sponge.

Now, to be completely honest, I haven’t actually tried this sponge for a few days, instead I have actually used it only for a couple of times and now it is not exactly in a good condition to be used.


The makeup sponge retails for INR 77 with an additional 45 Rs of delivery charges which makes it a total of Rs 122, but I paid just 102 Rs (the prices have increased) for the sponge. (FIND HERE)

Makeup Sponge from Flipkart
My Experience with Makeup Sponge from Flipkart:

The sponge is titled as Beauty Blender Foundation Makeup Sponge which certainly it is not. They have even used the image of the actual beauty blender to fool the customers. Now, when you will receive the product, unlike other fake products this does not have the beauty blender packaging, instead it is from some brand Ariya. The packaging is, of course, cheap (I didn’t expect much from the packaging). I have ordered some cheap makeup sponges earlier too, but this seems to be the worst packaging (and the fake image is another level).

Now coming to the actual quality of the makeup sponge. I took the sponge out of the packaging and I instantly saw a little hole in the sponge. Except for that hole, the sponge seemed fine. After damping the sponge with water, it did grew a lot in size (the hole grew too). But, when I started squeezing the excess water, lather came out. I tried squeezing it multiple times and every time it was the same thing.

After seeing the hole and the lather, I didn’t want to use the sponge on my face so I started using it on my hand. The sponge does work decently in blending the foundation but there was something skeptical about the sponge that I was worried about. After trying this for a couple of times on both my hands and arms, I dried it and kept it back in the packaging. When I tried taking it out the next time, the pointed edge of the sponge broke.

My Overall Experience:

I knew that it would not be the best quality sponge, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. Some of the low priced makeup sponges have worked for me in the past but this one was not even worth the 102 bucks I paid for this.

Pros of Makeup Sponge from Flipkart:
  • Affordable
  • Works decently well in blending
Cons of Makeup Sponge from Flipkart:
  • The quality is awful (I got my sponge with a hole in it and it teared apart only after a couple of uses)
  • The sponge somehow lathers when water is squeezed out of it (it makes me doubt about its manufacturing)
Do I recommend buying this?

Absolutely no. I would suggest getting something from the local market instead, where you can actually see the product before ordering and where they won’t have the fake image of an original beauty blender.

Rating: 1/5

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