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Hey Girls,

These days everything has become pricy and makeup companies too are raising their prices continuously. In these conditions it becomes really difficult to get affordable things with decent quality. So today I will try to list some products which can help to get a full face of makeup without hurting the bank much. I have restricted the budget to Rs 650. I wanted to do it under Rs 500 but everything is so pricy that it wasn’t possible to restrict my budget to 500 bucks.

Let’s start with the face. Whenever we apply full makeup we apply a primer, a foundation or a bb cream, a setting powder, blush and a bronzer and highlighter. But on daily basis we don’t use so many products. Similarly some girls love to apply their eye shadows daily but not all girls have time to spend on shadows and they usually go for a kajal and a mascara and they are good to go. Keeping these points in my mind I have compiled a list of products that are sufficient enough to make us look presentable.

1. Ponds BB Cream/ Ponds White Beauty Blemish Balm Fairness Cream (Rs 69)

This cream comes in different sizes: 9gms, 18gms and 50gms and they are priced at Rs 69, Rs 140 and Rs 325 respectively. This is one of the best BB creams I have used. It gives a light to medium coverage and easily hides minor imperfections and redness. It stays easily for 4-5 hours and is an affordable product for the quality and coverage it provides.


2. Maybelline cheeky glow blush (Rs 250)

These are the most affordable high quality blush in the market; they are retailed for Rs 250. These blushes are extremely good for everyday use; they are free of shimmers and give a natural glow to the skin. Though there are not many color options available (they come in only 3 color options) but all the three shades look equally beautiful. These blushes are very soft and easy to apply and they blend really well.


3. MTV mua by blue heaven mascara (Rs 149)

Blue heaven is not a very famous brand but is easily available in many neighborhood shops. The brand was not considered good until it collaborated with MTV. But now whenever I see this brands name it called MTV mua by blue heaven. It contains many products but the one I want to include in this list is their mascara which is priced at just Rs 149. This is the cheapest branded mascara and works as well as other mascaras. It is not something to rave about but is a decent quality product for the price.

Mtv Muah By Blue Heaven Mascara

4. Elle 18 Kajal (Rs65)

The simplest are the cutest packaging a kajal can have can be seen in Elle 18’s kajal. The kajal works differently on oily and dry lids, on non oily lids the kajal does not smudge and stays for long but on oily lids it smudges a lot. Being a kajal it must stay well on the waterline and it works decently on the waterline. It’s another plus point except being economical is that the kajal is filled with the goodness of almond oil.

download (1)

5. Elle 18 color pop/ color burst Lipsticks (Rs 110)

These are one of those lipsticks that provide color while moisturizing the lips. These lipsticks are enriched with a punch of cocoa in the form of an intense moisturizing core. These lipsticks come in numerous color options and are one of the best lipsticks for everyday use. Though the color might not stay for very long hours, but everything else is good about this product.


Products included:

1. Ponds BB Cream/ Ponds White Beauty Blemish Balm Fairness Cream (Rs 69)

2. Maybelline cheeky glow blush (Rs 250)

3. MTV mua by blue heaven mascara (Rs 149)

4. Elle 18 Kajal (Rs65)

5. Elle 18 color pop/ color burst Lipsticks (Rs 110)

Total amount: Rs 643

Hope you all will find this article useful 🙂

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  1. Good job on writing about these products that are affordable, but lets all be smiling and happy first without it any amount of make up won’t make up look good.

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