Makeup Academy Eye Dust in No. 3

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Today I will be sharing my experience about a powder eyeshadow from the brand Makeup Academy (MUA). These shadows are called eye dust by the brand and they are available in various shades. I have 2 of these eye dusts from the brand and the one that I will be reviewing today is shade number 3 which is a shade of mint green. I am very fond of eye shadows but I never got the courage to try pigments as I wasn’t sure that I’ll be able to use them. Whenever I used to visit the MAC store I used to get tempted for buying the pigments but as they were pricey I never bought them. One day when I saw these and the NYX pigments in a much cheaper price I decided to try some and so I bought 2 of these and 2 from NYX.


Product quantity: 1.5 g

Price:  INR 399

Ingredients: Talc mica and just few other ingredients are mentioned on the base of the tub.


Product Description:

Check out this ‘3-Eye Dust’ eye shadow from MUA Makeup Academy that is all you need to add sparkle to your eyes and look glamorous. Ideal for party make-up, this eye shadow is long lasting and will easily blend on the eyelids. It comes in a 1.5 g pack.

My take on the product:

This eye dust comes in a little round transparent tub with a transparent cap. The tub has a small round opening on the top through which the product can be dusted out. The screw on cap is tight enough to avoid falling of the eye dust when the tub is not kept in the right position (which can happen while traveling).


Shade No. 3 is a beautiful mint green colored pigment with tiny silver shimmer particles. The color might seem to be a bold one in the packaging, but when actually applied it seems very soothing. The color is nicely pigmented and is super easy to blend too. Another best part about this color is that it can easily be build to get a more intense color. When used lightly, it gives a beautiful minty eye look which is perfect for summer days and when more coats are used, it becomes bold and beautiful for night outs.


The color contains shimmer particles but they are so small in size that they are not visible until observed very carefully. The shimmers help to make the color even prettier. Though this is not an everyday shade and cannot be used for offices, but this surely is a color that can be rocked even during the day especially in summers. It is a perfect pop of color which is required during summers. The shimmer particles do not hinder the smooth application of the shadow.


Staying power of the color is also amazing, I personally did not expect it to stay for a long time, but it was better than my expectations. The color stays easily for 2 hours without even fading and without an eye shadow primer, after 2 hours the color starts to fade but still stays for a long time. The staying power of the color can easily be improved by using a good eyeshadow primer. Being a loose pigment, the shadow does fall while applying, but if tapped properly using a good shadow brush, the fallout can be controlled to a major extent.


After trying this pigment, I have gained confidence that loose colors are not as difficult to play with as I expected and now I am sure that I would definitely try some more loose shadows from other brands:-)




  • Beautiful soothing color
  • Affordable
  • Simple and sturdy packaging
  • The shimmer particles are not chunky and gives a very pretty pearly finish to the lids
  • Color can be applied as dark or light according to the occasion and requirement
  • Good staying time
  • Smooth to apply and easy to blend


  • No names, the colors has to be recognized by numbers
  • Has to be applied carefully to avoid any fallout (but as this is a pigment, this cannot actually be considered a con)

Would I buy this product again?

Not this color, but now I am sure that I will love to try some more pigments from other brands.

Do I recommend this?

YES! I am in love with this color, and at this price, getting this kind of quality is a great deal.

Rating: 4.5/5


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