MAC Lipstick in the shade Enchanted One Review and Swatches

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be reviewing the MAC lipstick that was a part of their alluring aquatic collection and the shade I have is called Enchanted One. Now as this is a limited edition lipstick, it is no more available in the stores, but something similar can certainly be found.

Product quantity: 3g

Price:ย  INR 1350

mac lipstick enchanted one (2)

Ingredients:ย mac lipstick enchanted one (3)

My take on the product:

Packaging:ย This was the first thing that attracted me in this collection. The lipstick is packed in a teal shaped packaging with different sized droplet design on the top. The droplets can actually be felt by touching and they make the lipstick look even more beautiful. The water droplets can also be seen on the outer cardboard packaging as well which too is teal colored.

mac lipstick enchanted one (4)

Color: Enchanted one is a nude shade lipstick that is perfect for everyday wear. The lipstick has a matte formulation and is completely free of any kind of shimmer particles. The lipstick is perfect to be worn alone as well as with a gloss over it. Though when I bought this I also bought the matching lip glass but I never see wearing myself both of those together, I either wear the lipstick or the lip glass. The color might not suit everyone as it may make you look lifeless, but for those ladies, having a shiny top coat is a good option.

Pigmentation: As majority of the matte formulation MAC lipsticks, this too is highly pigmented. Though this is a light color but still for a lighter shade it is extremely pigmented and a single swipe of the color is enough to get perfectly nude lips.

mac lipstick enchanted one (5)

Texture: Enchanted One is a matte finish Lipstick and so it might be little drying. The best way to make the lipstick feel comfortable is to apply a lip balm before applying the color. Otherwise the lipstick is easy and smooth to apply. It does not feel heavy on the lips and is non sticky too.

Staying Power: The color stays for long hours without much fading, but a large meal can immensely hamper the color pay off of the lipstick. The lipstick starts to fade from the inner sections of the lips and on me it also kind of creases to form a weird kind of line.

Fragrance: All the MAC lipsticks have a nice vanilla fragrance to them and I love that fragrance. For the girls who does not like to have fragrance in their lipsticks need not worry as the fragrance fades away when the lipstick is actually applied on the lips.

Overall I loved this collection and loved this lipstick too. it is a perfect nude that can be worn on a daily basis and looks good with a smoky look too.

mac lipstick enchanted one (6)

mac lipstick enchanted one (7)

mac lipstick enchanted one (8)

mac lipstick enchanted one (9)


  • Beautiful packaging
  • The color is beautiful for everyday use
  • Matte formulation makes it stay all day long on the lips
  • Superb Pigmentation
  • Non sticky
  • Does not feel heavy
  • I love the vanilla fragrance
  • No shimmers


  • Difficult to recognize the desired color from a bunch of lipsticks due to all black packaging
  • Difficult to store the lipsticks upside down due to their dome shaped lids,
  • Pricy (especially now when MAC has raised their price so much)
  • The color might be a bit drying due to its matte formulation
  • The color might fade after a large meal
  • It creases on the inner sections of my lips
  • The color might not suit every skin tone


mac lipstick enchanted one (1)

Would I buy this product again?

Yes! Though the color does have some negative points, but I still love it and if I get a chance I might buy it again.

Do I recommend this?

Yes! But unfortunately it is no longer available ๐Ÿ™

Rating:ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


16 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick in the shade Enchanted One Review and Swatches”

  1. Wow that packaging is just beautiful! I also love the nude shade, perfect for an everyday basis especially as being a student for school. You’ve got a gooden’ there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would also like to let you know that I have nominated you for the creative blogger award. If you would like to know any further details, then it’s all on my blog. x

  2. I have this lipstick, and the packaging of this collection is stunning.. Literally had to hunt down a few products from this collection to get hold of them. But seriously the price point now is insane.

    Sam|| BeautyDetour

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