MAC Lipstick in the shade Diva Review and Swatches

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Since the day I posted the swatch pictures of all the MAC Lipsticks I own, I wanted to review all of those. But as some of them were new and I didn’t use them enough, I did not review them. But now I have tried them all and I am ready to review them. I have already reviewed 3 of the shades I had: Candy Yum Yum, Girl about town and Kanga Rouge and today I will be reviewing another shade from my collection. The shade I have today is called Diva and it is one of the most popular colors from MAC. Before starting the review I would like to inform you that I will write the review of all the other 4 MAC lipstick back to back so that you can compare the shades and I don’t have to wait longer to write about them.

mac lipstick diva


mac lipstick diva

Product quantity: 3g

Price:  INR 1450 (MAC have raise their prices, the time I bought this lipstick it was priced at Rs 990, then they raised it to Rs 1250 and now MAC lipsticks costs Rs 1450). Hopefully the prices have not been raised further.

mac lipstick diva

My take on the product:

Packaging: Like the traditional MAC lipstick packaging this too comes in a black tube with a dome shaped lid. The packaging is completely opaque and the color name is written on a label pasted on the base of the lipstick. The packaging of the lipstick is cute and sturdy but the only problem is that they have to be recognized by name and for that the lipsticks have to be stored inverted. This actually becomes a little more difficult due to the dome shaped lid.

Color: The color Diva is actually my mom’s choice. She loves to wear dark lips and so we bought this shade. Diva is a deep maroon colored lipsticks that looks perfect with Indian Outfits especially during the festive season. As this is a very dark lip color, it might be little difficult to carry during day but if you have the confidence to wear this, it is one of the most beautiful colors from MAC.

mac lipstick diva

Pigmentation: Diva is insanely pigmented. One coat of the color is sufficient to get that perfect color on to the lips. Though the color imparts good color in a single coat, I still personally like to apply 2 coats. This helps the color to stay longer on the lips.

Texture: Diva is a matte finish Lipstick and so it might be little drying. The best way to make the lipstick feel comfortable is to apply a lip balm before applying the color. Otherwise the lipstick is easy and smooth to apply. It does not feel heavy on the lips and is non sticky too.

mac lipstick diva

Staying Power: This is the best point of the color; once applied the lipstick stays for all day long without fading much. A full meal can hamper the intensity of the color and might even let it go off from the inner sections of the lips, but it cannot make it vanish. The color can stay full day even with many meals.

Fragrance: All the MAC lipsticks have a nice vanilla fragrance to them and I love that fragrance. For the girls who does not like to have fragrance in their lipsticks need not worry as the fragrance fades away when the lipstick is actually applied on the lips.


mac lipstick diva

mac lipstick diva

mac lipstick diva


  • Sturdy Packaging
  • Deep maroon color which looks perfect with both Indian and Western wear
  • Matte formulation makes it stay all day long on the lips
  • Superb Pigmentation
  • Non sticky
  • Does not feel heavy
  • I love the vanilla fragrance


  • Difficult to recognize the desired color from a bunch of lipsticks due to all black packaging
  • Difficult to store the lipsticks upside down due to their dome shaped lids,
  • Pricy (especially now when MAC has raised their price so much)
  • The color might be a bit drying due to its matte formulation


mac lipstick diva

Would I buy this product again?

Definitely, as both me and my mom loves Diva

Do I recommend this?

Yes! It’s a must have from MAC

Rating: 4.8/5

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