Kay Beauty Nail Polish Sea Bed

Kay Beauty Nail Polish Sea Bed (05), Review

Today’s review would be about another nail polish shade from Kay Beauty. I have already reviewed the shade Nutty from the brand and today I have ‘Kay Beauty Nail Polish Sea Bed’ for the review.


Kay Beauty nail polishes retail for Rs 225 for 10 ml of the product but they can be bought on discount varying from 10% – 25% on Nykaa. (BUY HERE)

Kay Beauty Nail Polish Sea Bed
Product Description:

Kay Beauty Nail Nourish Nail Lacquer is a unique nail enamel that not just coats your nails in a luxurious, lustrous shine but the treatment-nourished formula also helps keep your nails happy and hydrated. The super hydrating Lemon peel water, rich in Calcium and Vitamin C prevents the nails from chipping and yellowing, while the miraculous Avocado oil, rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E improves the overall condition of your nails. The super enriching formulation dries within minutes and gives you the best gel like finish in just 2 coats!
It comes in 36 shades of fresh pastels, raw nudes, and vibrant hues, so you have different shades to express how you feel.

List of Ingredients:

No ingredient list is mentioned either on the polish or on the Nykaa Website. (As the brand is Nykaa exclusive, they do not have any other website).


Like all the other Kay Beauty products, their nail polishes too have the brand logo on the packaging. The screw-on cap of the polish is white in color and have Kay Beauty logo printed all over it. Apart from this, the packaging is simple. The polish comes in a rectangular glass bottle with a shade name written on a sticker pasted on the side of the bottle. The brush is decently sized and it can cover the width of the nail in just 2 swipes.

My Experience with Kay Beauty Nail Polish Sea Bed:

The shade Sea Bead is a pretty pastel green out of the 2 greens available in the collection. The color is a soft and easy to wear shade especially for summers. The color might not be a choice for everyday office wear for everyone, but it certainly is good to give you a vibrant cool look. The pigmentation of the nail polish id decent. It might not give the desired color on the first application, but the second coat makes the color fully opaque and similar to the one seen in the bottle.

Kay Beauty Nail Polish Sea Bed

The brush of the polish is designed in a way which gives nonstreaky application. Texture-wise, the formulation of the nail polish is good. The polish is neither too runny nor too thick. It has the perfect consistency for application.

The drying time of the polish not excellent. It does take 30-40 seconds to completely dry especially after the second coat. The staying power of the color is also decent, It stays put easily for 3-4 days with no chipping or fading.

Overall Experience/Do I recommend the product?

I liked everything about the nail polish, yet I feel that this might not be a color of everyone’s choice. The color is pastel and good for summers, but it do not seem too professional and might not be good to wear at a work place. Apart from this, the price point, the consistency, the staying power and anything else you can think of, is perfect!

So, Do I recommend the product? Yes! If you are into summery shades then this is an excellent option to try but if you are looking for something a little more professional, then you must try other shades from the collection.

Kay Beauty Nail Polish Sea Bed
Pros of Kay Beauty Nail Polish Sea Bed:
  • The pastel color looks beautiful on nails.
  • Great packaging
  • Non streaky application
  • The color becomes fully opaque in 2 coats
  • Affordable
  • Stays easily upto 3-4 days without fading or chipping
Cons of Kay Beauty Nail Polish Sea Bed:
  • The brand is Nykaa exclusive and availability can be an issue in cities where Nykaa does not deliver.
  • The polish does not have any ingredient list which might be an issue
  • The color might not be a good choice for everyone

Rating: 4/5

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