June Fab Bag Review and Pictures

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Today I will share with you all the things that I received in my June Fab Bag. I received my bag few days ago, but honestly I haven’t tried anything from my bag yet.  June’s Bag is called Take Charge and this time I received 5 different products in my bag.

June Fab Bag

The bag that was received in June is a deep purple faux leather bag. I am not sure about the material of the bag, but one thing I can say about the bag is, that it is smaller in size as compared to the bag received last month. I like the way the bag looks and like it even more as it can stand by itself without any support.


For those girls who are not aware about what is Fab Bag, it is a monthly subscription bag in which you get 3-4 sample size makeup and skin care products of various brands. Every bag is customized according to personal preference and skin type. Though the bag and the products are a surprise but in the beginning of subscription a questionnaire is asked to be filled to understand the skin problem, choice of makeup and hair type which really help the Fab Bag team to customize the bag especially for us. The products are always packed in a cute bag which is different every month. The company also provides with a little booklet which contains the details about all the products received in the bag as well as some other products that can be brought from the site.

Sometimes Fab Bag does provide 1-2 full sized products too and sometimes you can also get more than 3 products plus some additional goodies

June Fab Bag

The subscription can be made for a single month or for the whole year.  The prices are:

For 1 month subscription: Rs 599 per month

For 3 month subscription: Rs 1499 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 6 month subscription: Rs 2699 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 12 month subscription: Rs 4799 i.e. around Rs 399 per month

Fab Bag does offer Mid-Term Cancellation, Free shipping and Money-Back Guarantee

So, here is a list of products that I received in my June bag:

Cuccio Colour Nail Paint in Totally Tokyo (Rs 675 for 13 ml)

This is one of the products that was a part of all the bags. I got my bag pretty late and by then I had already seen many reviews for June’s bag and one thing that was common in all the bags was this nail paint. Before receiving this in my bag, I was unaware about this company and so I haven’t tried their nail polishes before. I haven’t tried it much to write about it yet, but I have tried the color on my nails and I love it. Though the color is not as pigmented as it seems in the bottle, but 2-3 coats can help to achieve the exact color as seen in the bottle. This nail polish is the only full size products that I received this month.

June Fab Bag

Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend (Rs 2970 for 240 gm)

The full size product seems pricy, but the sample size product that I received contains 9.24 gm of product and is worth Rs 151. This is another product that I received from Cuccio. This is said to be a luxuriously fragrant and intensely moisturizing product which will be your go-to for skin that’s soft as silk. It is basically a cream that can be used for hands, feet and body. The product comes in 3 different variants and the one I received is the milk and honey one.

June Fab Bag

Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25 (Rs 980 for 100 ml)

This sunscreen facial mist is an active blend of natural botanical herbs and minerals that leave skin balanced, glowing and noticeably softer. Its summer time and a sunscreen is a must this season. Almost all the brands have their respective sunscreen products but Votre came out with something different. This product is not a normal sunscreen but it is a sunscreen in the form of a facial mist. To apply this all you have to do is spray it on your face and you are good to go. I haven’t tried this product but I am really excited to get this in my bag. This is a good product for keeping in the hand bags and for sunscreen reapplication.

June Fab Bag

Ananda Spa Light Moisturiser for Oily Skin (Rs 1350 for 50 gm)

This is another brand that I haven’t heard of, but I am excited to try it. The product received is a light moisturiser which is good for oily skin. I don’t exactly have an oily skin; instead my skin belongs to the combination types. I am not sure whether this product will suit me or not but honestly I hated the way it smells. It is said to be infused with relaxing and aromatic herbs which helps in relaxing dull and stressed skin while moisturizing it.

June Fab Bag

June Fab Bag

All Good Scents Perfume in Urbane Nights (Rs 990 for 50 gm)

This is the product that was received as a Father’s day bonus. Unfortunately my dad is allergic to perfumes and so he won’t be able to try this. I personally loved the fragrance and am planning to give this to my cousin brother to try.

June Fab Bag


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  1. So bad that your dad is allergic to perfumes! But anyway, the rest of the bag looks good and I loved the bag itself and the Cuccio nail polish, what for a great color of pink! I think this is a great beauty bag!

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