Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotting Tissues

Hey Girls,

Today I will be sharing with you a product from a brand which was unknown to me before I saw it online. I discovered this brand around a year ago while I was surfing for a blotting paper. The brand is called Hollywood Fashion Secrets. Hollywood Fashion Secrets is an American brand which is dedicated to prevent wardrobe malfunctions! Their specialty is to provide invisible tricks to help women feel confident, anytime, anywhere. They have a good variety of products ranging from lint removing sheets, no sweat guards, trouser hip hugger to fashion fix it tape. The product I will be talking about is their oil blotting tissues.


Product quantity: 100 sheets per pack

Price: INR 425



The oil blotting sheets come in a small pink rectangular box which is further packed into a plastic. The small box is easy to open and can easily be closed after taking out a sheet.


Product Description:

Now enjoy shine free complexion. Tissues are silky-feeling oil absorbent sheets that instantly absorb surface oil, and best of all, never disturb your makeup. They come in a pretty, thin, easy to tote along in your purse package. Use each one and toss it, thereby ensuring the only “shine” anyone sees is your dazzling personality.


My take on the product:

I am always in search for blotting papers due to my oily t-zone. I wanted to get the basicare ones but I wasn’t able to get them, as they were sold out everywhere. One day while surfing, I came across this product but as it was a little costly I hesitated to order it. After few days in order to make my order eligible for free shipping I added this to my cart. When I received it, I was shocked to see the small size and I could not believe that I paid so much for this little thing. But then I thought of using it. The first day when I used it, I had my foundation on and I didn’t want to risk my makeup but I had no other choice and so I used it. I must say that the product is true to its claims. All the excess oil was absorbed instantly and my makeup was intact. I loved it. The only complaint I had was that I had to use at least 2 of them for my complete face. The sheets are pink in color and feel like a butter paper in hand. I admire the fact that these sheets are odorless.

These blotting papers are more effective than basicare ones, but are much more costly, so presently I am sticking to my basicare blotting paper and reserving these for special occasions:-)




  • Very effective in removing oil
  • Easy to carry due to compact packaging
  • Does not affect your makeup
  • Soft pink colored
  • Odorless
  • Feels silky smooth on skin
  • Can be used for sensitive skin. I am saying this as I myself have a sensitive skin, which reacts to any products and I had no problem while using it.


  • Costly
  • Small size of oil blotting sheets

Would I buy this product again?

If I do not get something like this in a cheaper price, I may buy it aging. But honestly I am in search of good blotting papers which are reasonable priced as well as effective. If you girls have some suggestions for good blotting papers that are available in India, please do help me out.

Do I recommend this?

If you can afford them, they are worth a buy.

Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (-1 due to small size and high cost)

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    1. even i didnt know about this…came to know about this through an online site….but honestly this brand does have some unique products

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