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We always have a special preference for every item that we buy. Be it the kind of item that we want, our favorite color, or maybe our preferred brand. Helloice is one such jewelry brand that I have known for a very long time. In today’s post, I would be sharing some of the new launches by the brand that have caught my eye. So, if you are a jewelry person and like to explore new websites or new designs, then keep on reading.

Let’s directly get into a product that is an entirely New Launch. I have always talked about different pieces of jewelry by Helloice, but now the website also offers an amazing collection of printed shirts for men. The shirts start from as low as $30 with a good variety of prints and fabrics to choose from. Going on a beach vacation? they got you covered. Going on a casual date with your girl? They have something for you too!

So, if your man loves a good printed shirt, then you must check out the collection!

I have always talked about the different varieties of chains that the brand has to offer, and today’s post would be no different. Helloice has launched a few pieces of franco chains which are decently priced and are sure to make your man fall in love with chains again. Now, if you ask what are franco chains? So franco chains are basically gold chain necklaces that are designed in Italy and are inspired by the pattern of the curb link. So in general language, they are the most classy versions of men’s chains that is a perfect piece to wear on every occasion!

Now unlike the franco chains, which are a piece of jewelry that most men can flaunt with ease, there are a few jewelry pieces that need some courage to wear. I have seen a lot of men wearing earrings, but they mostly get only one of their ears pierced and wear a small stud. But, wearing pieces like mens hoop earrings definitely requires some courage.

Would your man Dare to wear them?

Do check out Helloice’s Website for more amazing jewelry options!

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