Trip to Abu Dhabi: Ferrari World

In our trip to Dubai we also went to Abu Dhabi to visit the famous Ferrari World. The park is said to be the largest indoor theme park in the world and the same is also famous for its largest and the fastest roller coaster. The park is mainly located in the interior except the giant roller coaster. It is said that the roller coaster is set at a speed of 300 km per hour. The park also does have many other interesting rides. I didn’t sit on the roller coaster (my cousins did) but my favorite ride was the helicopter. It wasn’t the real helicopter but the ride actually gave the feeling that we are sitting on a helicopter and riding over Italy.

The park had more than 20 models of actual Ferraris which were worth the enormous ticket price.  We were 7 people and each ticket was worth 250 AED i.e. more than 4000 INR which was a great amount if all 7 tickets are considered. The ticket price includes majority of the rides but still there were some rides which had additional tickets. There is a ride that has an additional ticket of 100 AED and the reason is that you get a chance to sit and play in real Ferrari.

Overall it was a great experience, though a little pricy one, but once a lifetime experience 🙂

Enjoy the pictures from my trip 🙂

Ferrari World: An image taken from the internet showing the Giant Theme Park

ferrari-world-in-dubaiCan we enter? 

2 (187)

2 (193)A ferrari welcoming us 🙂

2 (189)Does Ferrari’s engine look like this one?

2 (196)Here come the Ferraris

2 (200)2 (208)2 (212)The fastest Roller coaster of the world. Isn’t it dangerous?2 (213)2 (224)2 (235)A small ride inside the park taking us across the world!!

2 (258)2 (269)2 (271)Some more real Ferraris

2 (308)Not allowed to sit 🙁

2 (289)

2 (312)2 (310)


12 thoughts on “Trip to Abu Dhabi: Ferrari World”

  1. You should have taken that roller coaster ride, scary huh?… I have been travelling to other blogs and now reading lot of travel blogs that held me so could not check on your space, guess I am attracted to travel that the fashion world of we girls and slightly out of place in fashion blogs because I have less fashion sense. I think the park is all about speed by the way 300km/hr, a f1 car drives at 360km/hr or something…so well this is not the fastest… keep sharing your nice experiences(:

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the largest indoor and first Ferrari theme park, located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Here each year huge no. Of peoples come to spend their vacation. I visited there with ALTDUBAI. Really Ferrari world is very beautiful place.

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