Faces Splash Nail Enamel in Floral Dream (56), Hot Paprika (63), Shanghai Shimmer (23) Review & NOTD

I do not like heavy makeup on a daily basis but I like to have statement nails. To me, nail paints are the windows to my internal feelings. When I am happy, I never shy away from a bright neon nail colour. Similarly, the nude shades are there for the times I am feeling low. I am always on a mission to find budget-friendly yet good quality nail colours. In the past few years I have tried almost every budget brand but somehow I missed Faces. Since festive season is round the corner, I recently got 3 shades from Faces Splash Nail Enamel range. Here is what I felt about them.

Faces Splash Nail Enamel

Faces Says:

Faces Splash Mini Nail Enamels are for those who live on the fashion fast-lane. The formula of these nail paints is Toluene, DBP, Camphor and Formaldéhyde free.

Price: Rs.109 for 8ml (BUY HERE)

Faces Splash Nail Enamel

My Experience with Faces Splash Nail Enamel:

Packaging: These nail paints from Faces come in a cube shaped tiny glass bottles with black plastic screw-lid. The applicator brushes are attached to the lid. The shade names are printed in stickers that are glued on top of the lids plus, the see through packaging gives a chance to actually see the shades. The packaging is quite sturdy. I have dropped them a few times but astonishingly they did not even have a scratch.

Texture: The consistencies of these three nail paints are medium. They are not drippy fluid but not very thick either. These nail paints get fully dry in just 5 minutes which is a huge pro for me because I do not like nail paints taking an hour to dry!

Faces Splash Nail Enamel

Fragrance: These nail paints have common acetone smell that is often found in nail paints and nail paint removers.


The Splash range of Faces has shades of nail paints. I own three of them.

56 Floral Dream– It is a dusty rose shade. This shade has such a subtlety in it that it can be worn in workplaces and of course for occasions. For lighter skin toner this would be a muted pink. For darker complexions, it would look a pinkish nude shade.

Faces Splash Nail Enamel

63 Hot Paprika– This is a perfect tomato red shade for the coming festivities! The shade is quite vibrant and has distinct warm under tones. Such a shade will look good on every Indian complexion. This is not an everyday shade but it looks good with traditional as well as western outfits.

Faces Splash Nail Enamel

23 Shanghai Shimmer– This is a clear top coat with small silver glitters. This shade can be used alone for glittery fingernail looks or they can be worn over any other opaque nail paint. This kind of shade should be there in everyone’s collection because they can provide chirpiness to every other nail paint!

Faces Splash Nail Enamel

Pigmentation: Out of the three shades a have got, the Floral Dream and the Hot Paprika are shades with pigment. Hot Paprika has excellent colour-payoff. The true colour shows in one swipe itself, that too without any white base coat. Floral Dream, being a light shade, takes two coats to get fully opaque. The Shanghai Shimmer is a clear shade with glitters. This shade needs two coats to get dense glitters all over the nails.

Staying Power: The staying power of all the shades is simply awesome. Shanghai Shimmer shade stayed the longest on me; it did not chip for complete 7 days! Then it was time for the rest two. These shades stayed 3-4 days without any base or top coat (I do not have to indulge in household chores).

Pros of Faces Splash Nail Enamel:
  1. Great shade selections
  2. Opaque coverage & notable staying power
  3. Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde and Camphor free formula
  4. Does not stain the nails
  5. Very economical
  6. Widely available
Cons of Faces Splash Nail Enamel:

Could not find any!

Rating: 5/5

Faces Splash range has some awesome nail paints with an amazing price point, good color-payoff and fabulous staying power. I would recommend this entire range and my three favourite shades Floral Dream, Hot Paprika and Shanghai Shimmer to every nail paint crazy girl out there!

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