Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen: Review

Nail Polish removers are a must have if you are a nail polish junkie like me. I love to try different types and brands of nail polishes which make a nail polish remover a must have for me. I normally used to use traditional liquid nail polish removers until I came across Colorbar’s ready to use sponge nail polish remover. Today the product I have is also a kind of nail polish remover or I should say it is a nail polish corrector. Whenever I apply my polish in a hurry I always tend to mess up thing and that is the time when a product like this comes handy. The product I’ll be reviewing today is ‘Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen’.

Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Price: INR 299 for 4.5 ml (BUY HERE)

Product Description:

Now no more worrying about messy nail polish!! Essence nail polish corrector pencil allows you to correct little mistakes. It’s also super practical when you’re on vacation as it comes with three replacement tips.


Alcohol denat., butyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, aqua (water), ethyl acetate, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, oleyl erucate, parfum (fragrance), citral, benzyl alcohol. (Mentioned on the Essence official website).

Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen

My take on Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen:

A nail polish corrector pen is basically a pen with a sponge tip on the top dipped in nail polish remover. Applying nail polish on the left hand is normally an easy task for me but when I try to apply nail polish on my right hand it always gets messed up at certain points. To rectify the messed up polish I usually tend to dip a cue tip or a thin brush in nail polish remover and clean the edges.

But Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen makes the task easier. It already contains a fine tip soaked in nail polish remover. All you have to do is to remove the cap and use the product. The tip of the pen is white colored which gets stained very easily and after few uses, it is not good enough to use.

Thankfully the product comes with 3 additional tips which can be changed and used.

Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Final Verdict:

I like the way this product works. It makes correcting mistakes easy. Though this might have some cons, but it is easy to use, travel-friendly and not too pricey.

If you are someone who does not have a very steady hand while applying nail polish or someone who travels a lot, this product is for you.

Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Pros of Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen:
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient to travel with
  • Comes with 3 additional tips
  • Works perfectly on the outer corners of nails
  • Not so pricey
Cons of Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen:

The tips get stained easily. Though it comes with 3 additional tips, the pen won’t work for long, especially if used daily.

Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen
Left: Messed up nail polish
Right: Cleaned nail, after using the Nail Polish corrector pen
Essence Nail Polish Corrector Pen
Stained Tip

Rating: 4/5


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