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EK by Ektaa Kapoor: Haul and Website Review

Ektaa Kapoor is a well-known personality in the Indian Television and Film Industry but apart from being a producer she also owns a brand called EK by Ektaa Kapoor. I recently bought a few products from their website worldofek.com and in today’s post, I will be sharing my experience with the website and the products I ordered.


Before showing you all products I bought from the website, let’s talk about the complete variety of products that the brand has to offer. Ek is a Premium Home Decor and Handcrafted product brand which means that all the products that are sold on the website are not only handcrafted by local craftsmen but it is also of extremely high quality.

The brand sells:

  • Women’s Ethnic wear which includes Kurtas, Pants, and Dupattas. You can mix and match them to create a complete outfit
  • Charm Jewellery: a good variety for gifting purposes and jewelry made for different zodiac signs
  • Home Decore items which include Bedsheet Sets, Cushion Covers, Table Linen, Dohar, and Curtains
  • Serveware and Copperware including a good variety of platters, mugs, and bowls
  • Dhoop (this is the smallest section on the website containing just 5-6 fragrance options)

Products that I Ordered:

Amongst all the products that are on the website, I was most interested in the Charm Jewellery and the Copperware section but since it was my first time ordering from the website, I decided to try the copperware products by Ek. There are a lot of different options for the designs that you get in the copperware and since I wanted to have some variations I decided to order all the products in different designs. Let’s have a look at all the products that I ordered:

White Enamel Print Copper Bottle

The very first product that I have is this beautiful blue-white printed Copper Bottle. The bottle has a capacity of 1000 ml and it retails for Rs 1399 (can be bought at a 20-25% discount)

Ek by Ektaa Kapoor

2. Multi Color Enamel Print Copper Mug

Another product that attracted me the most was this multicolored mug with a capacity of 350 ml. Amongst all the designs available in copperware, this particular multicolored design was my favorite. The mug retails for Rs 599 but like other products, this too can be bought at a 20-25% discount.

Ek by Ektaa Kapoor

3. Mosaic Multi Colour Printed Copper Glass

Copper helps in killing bacteria and helping in improving the digestive system and immunity and since it dies have so many benefits, I also ordered this set of 2 copper glasses in a beautiful red mosaic pattern for everyday use. This set of 2 glasses retails for Rs 799 but can be bought at a good discount of up to 30%

Ek by Ektaa Kapoor

Apart from these copperware products, I also ordered Incense Sticks in 2 variants: Vedic Aroma & Sandlewood. Honestly, I wasn’t sure about what Vedic Aroma would smell like. Sandlewood is a common fragrance and I knew I would love it, but Vedic Aroma was something I was curious about, and I absolutely loved it. I loved the fragrance Vedic Aroma way more than I expected and even a little more than the sandalwood one.

Product Details and Care instructions:

If you use copper utensils, you might already know how to take care of them, but for those who might be using it for the first time, the brand has a details instructions on how to take care of these products along with the product description/highlight of every product.

Delivery Time & Packaging:

The brand delivers the products within 5-7 working days (in most cases). I received my products on the 5th day of ordering. Each of the products that I ordered came packed in a separate box. Even the inscence sticks were packed in separate boxes but all of the packages were delivered together. The packaging of the copperware products is very sturdy. The products have an outer box which is wrapped in a form packaging which in turn is packed in an outer box.

My Experience with EK by Ektaa Kapoor:

As this was my first time ordering by the brand I wasn’t expecting much, especially because I have never much used copperware but the design that they offer really attracted me. Honestly saying I am pleasantly surprised with the way the products turned out. I loved all the designs that I have ordered and the products actually look way prettier in person that in pictures. The inscence sticks too have a very strong fragrance and they make the room feel super fresh.

If you want to know more about the products that I ordered or you are interested in seeing an unboxing video, do check out my YouTube Video about the same.

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