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How are you all today?  Hope you are having a great weekend!! Today I will again be talking about dresses, and will be sharing with you all some of the dresses that are suitable for different occasions. In India whenever we have a function ladies tend to gravitate towards either suits or sarees but now the trend is changing and girls are wearing variety of dresses too. Though dresses are in trend now, but there is still a problem to find options in the market. This problem is solved by the online market which has a huge selection of dresses. Few days back, I came across such a site which has a huge variety of great dresses. The site is called weddingshe.com which not only has great wedding dress options, but also has many other varieties of dresses too.

So what kind of dress looks good for which occasion? Let’s have a look!!!

1. Pre-Wedding Dresses

In India, brides usually wear a Lehenga or a saree at their wedding, but what about pre-wedding function? To be brides now days are focusing more towards wearing something different for their pre marital function and the best outfit that comes handy is dresses.

  • Being the guest of honor, the dress you choose shows your guests that you care and respect them.
  • The dress must be a mixture of both style and culture.
  • Feel free to select the color of your choice, something that will make you look prettier and which suits you the best.
  • As it’s a pre wedding function, sparkly and studded dress can easily be worn, which can make you look like a princess.
  • The function might be long and a bit uncomfortable too, so select something with a nice fabric which can make you feel both confident and comfortable.

pre wedding dress

2. Bridesmaid Dresses

Bride’s sisters and friends are considered to be bridesmaids and in every marriage bridesmaids are the ones that receive most attention after the bride herself. So it becomes really important for them to dress nicely too.

  • Always try to select something which is comfortable and classy at the same time.
  • Select dresses according to the season, try and avoid heavy fabrics during summers.
  • Select a fit that suits you the best without considering about what others are focusing on.
  • Being the bridesmaid, you would have to be with the bride almost every time, and so you will be photographed a lot, try to wear a color that looks perfect for the time of the day.

bridesmaid dress

3. Evening Dresses/ Hen Party

There are very few occasions where a woman can get away with a miniskirt and fishnet stockings without being the center of unwanted attention. Hen Parties are one such occasion in which you can wear whatever kind of dress you like and you do not have to bother about how long or short it is.

  • This is the time that you can flaunt your sexy evening dresses that you always wanted to wear but never got a right place to wear it to.
  • Select a dress that features your best features, if you have a sexy back; just flaunt it with a backless gown.
  • Off shoulder dresses look beautiful but can be little tricky to wear, don’t be afraid, just wear it if you want to.
  • This is the perfect occasion, wear the little black dress that you had your eyes on
  • It’s an occasion that will remain with you and your bestie for the entire life, try to make it special by wearing similar dresses or by having a themed party.

evening dress

4. Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses are usually worn at cocktail parties but they can be worn to many other occasions too. Whenever we think about cocktail parties the first dress that comes to our mind is a little black dress, but there are many more options available in the market. Some tips for selecting the perfect dress for the party are:

  • Instead of hiding your not so good features, try to highlight your attractive features.
  • Cocktail dresses come in a variety of color and fabric options; select the option that is most suitable according to the season.
  • Try to focus on the current fashion trends and when buying an expensive piece, try to get something that can remain in fashion for a longer time.
  • Always ensure that you select a cocktail dress that compliments your size and shape. Do not try and squeeze yourself into a dress that is cut too low or too tight.
  • Be careful about the length of your cocktail dress. Petite women can achieve the illusion of height by wearing shorter dresses whereas very tall slim women should go for dresses that are not too short.

cocktail dress

5. Date Dresses

Going out with the special someone is always special and when it comes to going for a dinner date in a nice restaurant you must look your best.

  • Going for a dinner at a nice place is not a casual occasion and hence you must not dress up casually.
  • You want to look your best and feminine too, so nothing can beat a simple and cute dress.
  • Try to find the dress code trends of the restaurant (if any), and if not try to find the color your man loves and wear something of his choice.
  • A nice black dress, with a nice pair of shoes and some jewellery works well.
  • Wear something you are comfortable in.

date dress

These are some of the suggestions for selecting the right kind of dress for the right occasion, but where to buy these dresses from? You can explore many available options here: http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Evening-Dresses-14354/



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