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We all love wearing dresses but for some reason we do not always get our dresses right. Either it’s because we are not able to get a dress that suits our body type or we are unable to dress according to the occasion. In this post I will try to compile some points that will help us all to select the perfect dress for a special occasion that will suit our body types.

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For selecting a dress for our body type, we first must be aware about which body type do we belong to. Women can be of 6 different body types:

1. Busty:

A busty woman is someone with large bust size with narrow hips and not a well defined waist. The trick to dressing for ladies with this body type is to select a dress that can add curves to their hips giving an illusion of fuller hips and an hourglass figure. This is mainly done to balance the broad upper body with narrow lower body.

Tips for Dressing:

  • A lady with a busty figure must avoid wearing dresses with a very short hemline; else the upper half of the body might look heavier.
  • The easiest way to flatter a busty figure are black dresses, they do not accentuate the bust and give a slimming appearance.
  • If not black, dark colored dresses like deep purples and navy blues also look equally good.(Purple Evening Dress can be brought here)
  • A V-Neck line might also help to lengthen the neckline and slim the upper half
  • Try and select a dress with an empire waistline i.e. a waist line that starts just below the bust.


2. Apple:

A women with an apple figure is someone who carries weight through the middle section of the body, they have slimmer legs and short undefined waist.

Tips for Dressing:

  • Draw attention away from your middle and for that avoid dresses with a build in waistline
  • Show off your legs
  • A dress with a continuous pattern or an A-line dress works well
  • Try and use color blocking for dresses
  • Avoid wearing dresses with a different pattern in the belly area. This will draw more attention to your belly which you would not want.


3. Slender/Rectangle:

Ladies with a thin frame throughout with few curves are said to be having a slender/rectangle body type.

Tips for dressing:

  • These ladies may want to create an appearance of a curvaceous figure, ball gowns and dresses look amazing as they can create a more hourglass shape
  • They might also go for a fitted dress that will accentuate their long and lean physique
  • Choose a dress with embellished bust to draw eyes upwards
  • A belt in the waist might also help in getting the illusion of a curvy figure.
  • Bright and eye catching colors works the best for them.


4. Hourglass:

Ladies with Hourglass figure are curvy but proportional. Their bust and hips are proportional to each other and the upper body is balanced with the length of the legs. Selecting dresses for an hourglass figure is pretty easy.

Tips for Dressing:

  • Corset dresses and more fitted mermaid styles look beautiful on hourglass ladies as it draws attention to their waist and bust.
  • Strapless and one shoulder gowns will look amazing on them. Backless gowns look pretty too. (Backless evening dresses can be brought here).
  • Accentuate your curves with right accessories like a dark colored belt around the waist or a bright piece of necklace
  • Look for dresses that hug your curvy hips and lengthen your legs
  • Stay away from ruffles, bows, and other dimensional details that add volume. If placed at the bust, these details may make your upper body look heavy and if placed at the waist, they detract from your waist’s natural narrowness.


5. Pear:

A lady whose hips are larger than their bust and have a well defined waist are said to have a pear shaped body. When dressing a pear body shape, the goal is to add volume to your upper body, emphasize your small waist and de-emphasize your lower body to create a balanced silhouette

Tips for dressing:

  • The best asset for a lady with a pear body shape is her waist so dresses must be selected to enhance the waist.
  • Dresses with a fitted top works well
  • While selecting a dress look for the right kind of neck line, boat necks and sweetheart necks draw attention to the bust making it look fuller
  • Look for dresses that are A-line or that have a tulip-skirt, and avoid those that are tight and stick to your hips
  • The entire upper body can undergo a major transformation with the right undergarments. Consider a padded bra or push-up bra. This will add volume to a small bust, and accentuate an hourglass waist.


6. Petite:

Petite size ladies are considered to be less than the average height. Petite ladies are typically less than 5ft3 inches. Finding dresses for petite ladies that won’t drown their proportions is difficult.

Tips for dressing:

  • Showing off legs especially with an asymmetrical hemline helps to make them look taller.
  • Delicate, feminine dresses are a great complement for petite ladies.
  • Petite women must avoid wearing a lot of different colors and patterns.
  • Keep the length of your dress upto the knee. This will make you look taller (Buy Sexy prom dresses here)
  • Avoid wearing heavy/ oversized accessories.


There is huge selection of all these kinds of dresses online. They can be brought according to the occasion and in the desired range.

Hope this article would help you all to find a dress for your body type:-)

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