Dress to Impress! What to wear on the first date!

Selecting an outfit for a date can be nerve-wracking and if it is your very first one, it can be even more stressful. You need to look good, feel confident in what you are wearing, and be comfortable at the same time. There is always an underlying pressure for most of us to impress our date but the anxiety level can easily turn the situation.

What to wear on the first date

So, how should we prepare ourselves for the very first date? Dressing appropriately for the place you are going to is really important, it not only boosts your confidence but it can also earn you brownie points with your date. It is true that appearance is not everything, but as they say, ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, a person judges you with the way you look until they actually get to know you.

So, What to Wear on First Date?

Selecting the outfit for the date totally depends on the place you are going to. Good looking elegant black evening dresses are everyone’s favorite. They not only make you look slim but are really easy to dress up or down. If you are going on a dinner date in a fancy restaurant, just wear a pair of heels and some pearls and you are good to go. Or, if the place is not so fancy or it is not a dinner date, the black dress can be combined with a sling bag and a pair of flats. This not only makes the look casual but will also be more comfortable.

What to wear on the first date

Research says that Men do not like too short of a dress or skirt that can ride up on their very first date. If that is your style you can certainly wear it but only if you are totally comfortable with it. Otherwise, you can buy maxi dresses online which would be more comfortable and can be classy or sexy too depending upon the silhouette you select.

But what if you are not going on a dinner or on coffee? What if it is just a stroll on the beach? A maxi dress or an elegant black dress might not work well in such a situation. For such places, casual easy to wear dresses must be selected. Fun colored casual cotton dresses are some of the best dresses for beach vacation/date.

What to wear on the first date
Choosing the right Makeup

Having the right kind of makeup is as important as having the right kind of dress. Makeup can easily boost up anyone’s confidence level but this certainly does not mean that it is recommended to have multiple layers of makeup. Even if a lot of makeup boosts up your confidence level it is not necessary to tell your date about that, that too the very first time you are meeting him. You can show him your makeup skills some other time.

On a casual date, a no-makeup makeup look or something very simple and subtle must be worn. This will show your date that you are comfortable in your own skin. On a dinner date, you can go for something a little heavy to complement your dress.


Finally, no look is complete without accessories. A good watch or a pair of heels or maybe your favorite piece of jewelry. You can wear whatever you wish as long as you keep it a minimum. Just focus on one accessory you love the most or that will go best with your outfit and you are good to go.

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