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Today I am back with another article that will tell you about my love for dresses. Today I will be talking about dresses with sweetheart necklines and will be sharing with you all some of the information that I gathered online regarding dresses with sweetheart neckline. I will also be showing you some of the dresses that I came across while surfing a site called Pickedlooks. The site has some amazing options for sweetheart neckline dresses and I loved many of them.

What is a neckline?

We all know what a neckline is, but technically speaking a neckline is the top edge of the garment that surrounds the neck, especially in the front. There are many kinds of necklines like plunging necks, boat necks, v neck, polo neck, sweetheart neck etc. All these necklines are entirely different from each other. For example a boat neck is a neckline that passes past the collarbones and hang on both shoulders, whereas polo necks are close fitting collars that wrap around the neck.

What is a sweetheart neckline and why is it called so?

Just as the name says, a sweetheart neckline is the one that forms two curves like a type of heart shape at the bust line that rise over the underarms and reach high over the breasts. Dresses with sweetheart neckline almost bare the shoulders, especially if they are strapless. Since this neckline has a shape to provide considerable coverage to the breasts, this works well in accentuating cleavage and is perfect for large busted ladies.


Whom does it suit?

Sweetheart neckline suits almost everyone. It is especially good for busted ladies as it helps to accentuate cleavage. But petite women with small breasts and narrow shoulders can also wear them to show more curves. This neckline suits ladies with angular face shape as it balances the contours of the sweetheart. But as this neckline exposed the central panel of neck, avoid it if it is not your best feature.

Necklace suggestions for dresses with sweetheart neckline

Since this neckline has a flirty style, opt for a statement necklace to give that modern touch, chunky necklace, pendant necklace, and it can be simple or bold. A curved necklace that has width will balance the open décolletage of this neckline.


Hairstyles to go with sweetheart neckline

If your dress has a sweetheart neckline, there is no need to overdo your hair; you can simply wear it down. Free flowing locks looks perfect with these necklines and they also help if you don’t want to show too much skin. Whether you have straight or softly curled hair, a simple style can’t make you go wrong. But if you don’t want to wear them down you can you can also opt for a simple sleek ponytail tied at the base of the neck. This will give you a sophisticated look.


What kind of lingerie to wear under sweetheart neckline?

Now, usually dresses with this kind of neckline are strapless, you must opt for a similar lingerie option. Strapless bras are a great choice for such dresses. With a strapless bra, you get extra support and bare-shouldered appeal so you can have maximum fun and don’t have to keep worrying about runaway strap.

Now after writing so much about sweetheart neckline, I would love to share some of my favorite Evening dresses from Pickedlooks.

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5Which one do you like the most?

Some of the tips taken from www.gorgeautiful.com

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  1. I like that kind of cleavage, the sweetheart – it’s very well chosen by brides and many other people! I never heard of Pickedlooks and now I am eager to take a look – after this comment, I will go there! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. I love the sweetheart neckline, but I barely wear it myself, because you can’t wear a normal bra underneath it. I should probably try it more often!

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