determining the value of watch

Determining the Value of Your Antique Pocket Watch

determining the value of watch

When you have to evaluate the value of a pocket watch, you will potentially need to consider a lot of different components. It can seem like a tricky task, but if you have the right information, you can make sure you get the value correct swiftly and correctly the first time round.

So, you’ve just began the hunt for the perfect authentic antique watch. Pocket watches are a beautiful timepiece and with its antique origins, you are buying something completely timeless (pardon the pun!)

If you need guidance on where to look for the real deal, Kalmar Antiques sells genuine antique pocket watches from some of the best designers in the business. From Hunter to John Cross dating as far back as 1848, you will be acquiring something with a rich historical background that shows it in every inch of the design. Other online marketplaces will have a good deal of choice too!

So, where’s the best starting point to get the valuation process going?

The value of a pocket watch will be determined by a number of essential elements. Some of the main things you will need to discover will be:

  • The age of the watch
  • Who manufactured it
  • The model

To find out the manufacturer, websites and online marketplaces such as EBay should give reliable information to help you pin down this information. You will also get a good idea of its value from the bidding amount and how much others are willing to pay. This is always a good sign you are on the money when looking for valuable antique watches.

So what else can ultimately determine the value of a pocket-watch? Here are a few ideas:  

  1. Its inner workings. Like most things in life, it works against the process if you judge a book by its cover. To determine its true value, you will need to look beyond the cover. In the case of pocket-watches it means examining its movement. This is because it’s normally been made by someone other than the manufacturer.
  1. What condition is the movement in? Next you will want to understand the condition of its movement to make a reliable valuation. If you are interested in seeking quartz movements you will need to watch out for a gear or spring that may be out of place or gone. If there are any damages this will mean more money on repairs and ultimately less for the value of the watch itself.
  1. The design of the movement. The design is of equal importance when it comes to figuring out the value. This is because the more intricate the décor and design is, it often means you have discovered a treasure. This is even so if the case is not as ornate. Any embellishes within the gears will help you make an accurate guess of the price, so it’s defiantly something to watch out for.
  1. Don’t forget to value the case too! The movement is important but the quality of the case says a lot about the watches value too. Try looking for the manufacturer or a name engraved near the bottom. It also helps to determine the material the case was made from.

If you are still learning about pocket-watches and still haven’t decided which one is for you, this article lists all of the types you can get. Hopefully when you see an antique pocket watch for you, you will be able to use the above facts to help come to an accurate valuation.

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