Colourpop Staycation Lippie Kit

A few days back I shared my colourpop haul on this blog. Today I’ll be swatching and be reviewing one of the lip sets from that haul. You can check out all the items I bought from colourpop’s official website and my experience HERE.


I always wanted to try colourpop products especially their lip products but there were so many different color options available that I was never able to decide which one to buy. After surfing through the site for some time I came across this lippie stix kit which had 6 colors. I instantly added it to my cart as it saved me the time of selecting 6 different shades from colourpop’s lippie stix line. The lippie stix set that I selected is called ‘Staycation’ and the six shades it has are:

  • LBB: Matte Lippie Stix; rich plum wine
  • Bossy: Matte Lippie Stix; classic blue red
  • I Heart This: Matte Lippie Stix; red fuchsia
  • Brink: Matte Lippie Stix; terracotta rose
  • Grunge: Matte Lippie Stix: mid-toned red brown
  • Cookie: Matte Lippie Stix; warm brown nude

An individual lippie stix from colourpop retails for $…but this set retails for $25 which on discount can be bought for $20

Net Weight:

Each lippie stix contain 1.0 gm of product

Product Description:

Lippie Stix Formula contains Vitamin E, Mango, Avocado, and Shea butter for added comfort and moisture. None of our Lippie formulas contain any nasty ingredients like Parabens or Sulfates. These are matte Full-coverage lipsticks that are super long-wearing, ultra comfortable, and loaded with pigment.

How to Use (as mentioned on the official site):

Step One – Start with freshly exfoliated lips! Prime your lips with our Lippie Primer for smoother application and more comfortable wear!

Step Two – Line your lips with a matching Lippie Pencil; this will help you achieve the perfect finished look and give the appearance of fuller lips.

Step Three – Apply your Lippie Stix and you’re good to go!


The set comes packed in a white and purple looking cardboard box with a magnetic closure. All the 6 lippie stix are securely packed inside the box fully covered with foam. The lid of the box contains a big mirror which personally for me is of no use as I do not intend to keep the products with their packaging.

Colourpop Staycation Lippie Kit

Colourpop Staycation Lippie Kit

My take on Colourpop Staycation Lippie Kit:

I have started using the lippie stixs and I am already in love with the formula. They have great pigmentation and surprisingly super staying power. These are not liquid lipsticks nor do they claim to stay on the lips for too long, but for me, they lasted almost all day with minute fading. These might fade if you are eating something very oily, but otherwise, they stay put for long hours. These lipsticks are great but they might be a little drying in extreme hot weathers. Also, they tend to melt in hot weather, I took one of my lippie stix to Agra (which had the temperature of around 36-40 degree celsius), and it almost broke. Thankfully I was able to use the broken part, but care must be taken to use these in hotter temperatures.

Let’s have a look at the swatches!

Is the set Worth?

Absolutely! For me, the set and the products are completely worth the price. They themselves are just $5 and in the set, they cost me just $20 for 6 lippie stix which makes it just $3.33 for one. What more you can ask for!

This lippie stix set can be bought HERE

Have you tried any of the lippie stix? What was your experience?

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  1. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    All the colors are nice. I am also great fan of colorpops. I have used liquid lippers. Now want to give these a try.

  2. Hi, wanted to ask since you’re from India..did you have to pay any customs or duties over the $20 that you paid for the set? Waiting for your reply

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