Colorbar Nail Lacquer My Things

Colorbar Nail Lacquer My Things (706), REVIEW

It has been a while since I first wrote about the newer formula of Colorbar Nail Lacquers. Colorbar came up with 1001 shades of their nail polishes and though I wanted to try as many as I can, I settled for just 8 shades. I have swatched all the 8 shades I own from this collection in one of my previous posts. Today I will be sharing my experience and some swatches of the shade ‘My Things’.

Colorbar Nail Lacquer My Things

Price: INR 199 for 12 ml of product (BUY HERE)

Product Description:
  • The lacquer provides an intense glossy shine
  • High pigment leads to superb color payoff and pleasant drying time
  • The formula is a natural genius as it also strengthens conditions and hardens weak and brittle nails
  • It is enriched with keratin, calcium and sweet almond oil
  • Promotes nail health and safeguards nails from allergens


  1. A range of pink lacquers with varied light and dark shades and glitter and sheer textures
  2. Chip-resistant and non-yellowing
  3. Formulated with a 7-free formula: without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, camphor, paraben, and xylene.
  4. A special wide applicator for effortless end-to-end coverage.
  5. Dermatologically tested.

Not mentioned on the website or on the bottle.


These Colorbar nail polishes come in a beautiful square-shaped glass bottle with a metallic lid. These bottles might not be the most convenient to travel with, but they are certainly easy to store. You can store them anywhere and still see the color from sides or even from the top. The bottle kind of looks luxurious and if you have a few of them, they all look absolutely beautiful together on the dresser.

I love the fact that the ‘B’ in the Colorbar, is shaped in the form of a heart. These small details make a simple packaging stare worthy. The brush provided with the nail polish has a good width which makes it nail polish application a super quick task.

My Experience with Colorbar Nail Lacquer My Things:

All the 1001 shades that were launched together were classified into shade ranges, and the shade ‘My Things’ have been categorized in the blue family. Though to me this is more of a spring lavender shade, it still does not belong to the purple family. The color is completely free of shimmers and is good for everyday use.

Colorbar Nail Lacquer My Things

The formula on the shade ‘My Things’ has a good consistency and is easy to apply, but it is not the most pigmented shade out of the lot. I have already reviewed the shade Madison from my collection and unlike Madison, the shade My Things requires more than a couple of coats to give a fully opaque nail.

These polishes have a good staying power and can stay easily up to 4-5 days without chipping. But if you are someone who works with water a lot, the color may start fading from the top edges of the nail if you don’t seal the color with a topcoat.

Colorbar Nail Lacquer My Things
Overall Thoughts:

Overall I would say that I do like the consistency and formula of these Colorbar nail polishes, but I do have shades similar to My Things in my collection, so I would not personally like to buy this shade again. But for the price point, if you are looking for a pretty spring shade, the collection has many shades to offer.

Colorbar Nail Lacquer My Things
Pros of Colorbar Nail Lacquer My Things:
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Beautiful spring color
  • Non-streaky application
  • Dries quickly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Contains Keratin and Almond Oil
  • Beautiful looking packaging, the color of the polish is visible even from the top. This makes it easier to store these nail polishes even in a drawer
  • The good-sized brush makes application quick
Cons of Colorbar Nail Lacquer My Things:
  • No ingredient List
  • The bottle is huge and not very convenient to travel with
  • more than 2-3 coats are required to get a fully opaque finish

Rating: 3.5/5

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