Choosing a Diamond Shape Made Easier

Choosing a Diamond Shape Made Easier

Do you know that there are many natural white diamond shapes to choose from? Nowadays, a popular choice for the center stone of engagement rings is the round-shaped diamond, with its symmetrical cut and brilliance which look beautiful in any ring setting. But, if you are not the traditional type, you can always opt for fancier shapes.

Choosing a Diamond Shape Made Easier

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Round diamonds

These are often referred to as round brilliant cuts. As previously mentioned, it is considered the most popular shape for engagement rings.

2. Princess diamonds

The princess diamond is considered one of the most popular diamond shapes. These are among the least expensive diamond shapes to create.

3. Oval diamonds

These are modified brilliant-cut, even, and symmetrical diamonds. They have a remarkable brilliance, similar to round-shaped diamonds.

4. Marquise diamonds

The marquise is a football-shaped diamond. It is long and narrow, creating an illusion of a larger diamond. This shape is also among the diamond shapes with the largest surface areas.

5. Pear-shaped diamonds

This is like a combination of the round-shaped diamond and marquise-shaped diamond. Pear-shaped diamonds have an excellent symmetry, wherein the tapered point lines up with the apex of the diamond’s rounded end. The curves on the sides of the diamond are also uniform and symmetrical.

6. Cushion cut diamonds

The cushion-cut looks like a pillow as it is square-shaped with rounded corners. This is also considered as the romantic shape as it dates back to an era of romance and elegance. The shape is excellent for custom engagement rings.

7. Emerald cut diamonds

The glamorous shape was created in the Art Deco period. Its features include long, elegant lines and a rectangular shape with cut corners that look like stair steps.

8. Asscher diamonds

An Asscher diamond comes in a square shape with a higher crown, larger step facets, and a smaller table.

9. Radiant cut diamonds

This shape is rare and hard to find. It combines the glamour of the emerald shape and the brilliance of the round shape, which results in an exceptionally brilliant square with trimmed corners.

10. Heart-shaped diamonds

An unmistakable symbol of love, the heart-shaped diamond is a unique choice for jewellery.

Given these many choices, here are three basic things to consider when choosing the right diamond shape for you:

1. Fancy shapes may be more affordable.

A fancy diamond shape like an oval or emerald cut may be a more affordable choice than the classic round cut. Heart-shaped and pear-shaped diamonds also sacrifice less of the original rough diamond, which means you can still end up with beautiful high-quality diamonds at lesser costs. For a selection of fancy cut diamonds, you can visit and choose what best suits you.

2. Some shapes can appear larger.

If you want a large center stone for your engagement ring, you may want to go for princess and marquise-cut diamonds. Asscher and emerald shapes will not look as large as other cuts with the same carat weight.

3. Choose a shape that matches your personality.

Above all, your personal taste should be an important consideration. If you are attracted to a certain shape, don’t disregard it to save a couple of dollars. Never settle for anything less than what you really want.

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