Blue and Silver Bow Nail Art

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Hope you all having a great week. Today I will be sharing with you all another simple nail art tutorial which I made using these products:

Products Required:

  • A blue colored nail polish
  • A sparkling silver polish
  • A white polish,
  • A stripping tape (I selected the one that I got in my Bourjois Nail Art Kit)
  • Some silver colored rhinestones
  • A tool to pick up the stones, and
  • A top coat

nail art 10 (1)                                                          


Step 1: Start by painting 3 of your nails with blue color and the middle finger with the sparkling silver color.

nail art 10 (2)

Step 2: Take the stripping tape and arrange it onto your nails as shown in the picture.nail art 10 (3)

Step 3: Color the top part of the nail (the part above the stripping tape with a white colored polish)

nail art 10 (4)

Step 4: Once completely dry, take the blue color again and draw dots on the white section of the nail (I used a dotting tool to do so, but a simple ball pen refill can also be used)

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nail art 10 (5)

nail art 10 (6)

Step 5: Now comes the final step. For drawing the bow, take some silver colored rhinestones and apply them onto the ring finger in bow shape (Patience is required as rhinestones has to be picked one at a time).

Rhinestones are easy to apply, all you need is a little drop of top coat on the nails, and this drop helps in fixing the rhinestones to the nails.

This would be the final design…..

nail art 10 (7)

nail art 10 (9)nail art 10 (11)

nail art 10 (10)

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial !!!!

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