Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer

Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer for Women Review

Going to the parlor and getting perfectly shaped eyebrows is not always easy. We, women, need to get our eyebrows done after almost every 15 days. To make this task easy many companies have come up with eyebrow trimmers. Procedures like threading and plucking or sometimes even waxing are also used by women at home, but the ease eyebrow trimmers provide makes them an amazing choice. Today I will be sharing my experience with ‘Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer’ which I bought from Amazon as an experiment to try my hands on eyebrow trimmers before investing in a pricey one.

Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer


The price of the product ranges between Rs 180 to Rs 250 depending on the seller you buy from. Amazon has multiple sellers selling the same product at different prices and different shipping charges.


This Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer came in a cheap looking cardboard box and the product itself does not look very appealing. The product certainly looks like something made in China. I can’t really complain about that as all I paid for the product was 200 bucks. The trimmer has a matte silver-colored body and it works on a regular AA battery.

Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer

My Experience with Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer:

I consider myself as a lazy person, going outside and getting my eyebrow done is never a preferred option for me. I was really intrigued when I saw that Philips launched an eyebrow trimmer but as it was kind of pricey, I didn’t want to buy it before trying. So I ended up settling with a cheaper version.

Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer is a decently nice product and is convenient to use. All you have to do is put in a battery and the product is ready to use. The product is effective in removing the eyebrow hair from the upper section or maybe trimming the sides of the brows, but I am not very satisfied with the way it works on the lids or the lower section of the brows. The skin underneath the upper brows is comparatively stiff and easy to work on, but the lower brows need to be stretched to get the hair out.

Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer

The hair, do get trimmed, but only up to a certain extent. If noticed minutely, a little section of the hair still remains. It seems easy to use the trimmer and it actually is, but if you try to be too precise with the lid hair, be careful of not cutting your eyelashes. It might seem weird to read, but the first time I used the trimmer, I didn’t know how to position the blades and while trying to be precise with the trimming, I trimmed some of my eyelashes.

Overall Experience:

Now after using the product for almost 4 months, I know how the position my hands. This trimmer has been a good option for me but it has not replaced my parlor visits. I actually like to use it on my upper lips, where it works well and I can position the blades in any way I wasn’t and where I don’t have any lashes to accidentally cut:-)

Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer

Pros of Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer:
  • Affordable as compared to other branded options available in the market
  • Convenient to use
  • Works on an AA battery
  • Can be used for both upper lip as well as eyebrows
  • Easy to travel with
Cons of Bi-feather Eye Brow Trimmer:
  • Difficult to set hands on the blades
  • Does not trim the eyebrow hair perfectly
  • Looks very flimsy and cheaply made.

Rating: 2.5/5

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