April Fab Bag Review and Pictures

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

Today I will be sharing with you all the contents of my April Fab Bag. I know that it is already May and I am a bit late in sharing the products but as it is said “It’s better late than never”, so today here is what I received in my April Fab Bag ๐Ÿ™‚

This month, the bag that came with the products was a zebra print rectangular shaped bag. The bag was gorgeous and it gains full marks for having its cuteness factor.

april fab bag

For those girls who are not aware about what is Fab Bag, it is a monthly subscription bag in which you get 3-4 sample size makeup and skin care products of various brands. Every bag is customized according to personal preference and skin type. Though the bag and the products are a surprise but in the beginning of subscription a questionnaire is asked to be filled to understand the skin problem, choice of makeup and hair type which really help the Fab Bag team to customize the bag especially for us. The products are always packed in a cute bag which is different every month. The company also provides with a little booklet which contains the details about all the products received in the bag as well as some other products that can be brought from the site.

Sometimes Fab Bag does provide 1-2 full sizedย productsย too and sometimes you can also get more than 3 products plus some additional goodies ๐Ÿ™‚

The subscription can be made for a single month or for the whole year.ย  The prices are:

For 1 month subscription: Rs 599 per month

For 3 month subscription: Rs 1499 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 6 month subscription: Rs 2699 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 12 month subscription: Rs 4799 i.e. around Rs 399 per month

Fab Bag does offer Mid-Term Cancellation, Free shipping and Money-Back Guarantee

april fab bag

Lets check out what I received this month:

LAQA & CO. Fat Lip Pencil (Price: Rs 800 for 3 gm)

Many of you must have seen this pencil in your previous months Fab Bag, I really wanted this pencil 2 months ago but unfortunately I didn’t receive it that time. Finally this time they send me this amazing pencil in the shade Siren Song. When I received the pencil, it was broken but I somehow managed to fix it to make it work for me. Siren song is a deep red colored pencil with orange undertones. It is extremely soft and easy to apply. everything about the lip pencil is good except its staying power which is not that great.

april fab bag

Denman Volumizing Hair Brush (Rs 475)

I am not very fond of hair brushes but still when I saw it in my Fab bag I got excited. For me this was just like any other brush which can add volume to my hairs. I haven’t tried this brush yet and so I can’t say much about this.

april fab bag

Chambor Tender Tuberose fragrance mist (Rs 595 for 200ml)

I received the travel size bottle of this fragrance mist that contains 10 ml of product. I have just used it twice and I am loving the fragrance already.It is a mind floral scented fragrance mist which is perfect for everyday office use. The travel size bottle is actually perfect to be carried inside the bag.

april fab bag

april fab bag

Malavara Body Lotion and Body Wash (Rs1500 for 300ml/ Rs 1000 for 300 ml)

The first thing I noticed about these were its strong fragrance, they are lime scented and trust me girls the fragrance is amazing. It is very refreshing and perfect for summers. I still haven’t used it much but I know that I am going to save it for my travel time.

april fab bag

Overall, April’s Fab Bag was just ok for me, I was expecting the City Color Blush that everyone was getting but may be I’ll get that in some other month’s bag.

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35 thoughts on “April Fab Bag Review and Pictures”

  1. Swati… I think the bags are a great way to try out new items… it’s awesome if you can get one or two new items you might like xox โ™ก

    1. completely agree with you ma’am….i have got many items that I loved and have discovered many that does not suit me ….

    1. yey…it is great…i really wanted this 2 months back but unfortunately at that time I didn’t get it….

  2. brush and shower gel-body lotion duo is common item ๐Ÿ™‚ I got the lip crayon 2 months back and this time city color blush…hop you get in coming months ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I really wanted that blush but as i got this pencil 2 months late I might get the blush after 2 months ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. thnx dear….i have been getting these since the past 2 years and yes i am addicted to them now ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is exciting. I hardly bother about fashion, but love reading things about it, because it is about creativity as well. That zebra bag is cool!!…. and this Fab magazine offer is awesome!!!…every month some exciting product you get, worth the subscription.

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